Robert E. Lee High School’s

The Traveller

Issue #4 

November 2014-2015

Articles written by the students of Mr. Brown’s Photojournalism classes. Edited and uploaded by Lee High senior Emma Sue Sims.

Table Of Contents

1. World News: Ebola

2. National Sports Update

3. Lee High Fall Sports Update

4. Teacher Of The Month

5. Anabelle Movie Review

6. Baja Bean Co. Review

7. Abby Rasheed: Teen and Musician

8. The Never Ending Story

9. BRCC Interview

10. Fashion

11. Survey

12. Technology



By: Kvvian Durrett

The transmission of Ebola is still “widespread and intense” in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, the World Health Organization said Monday. There have been 13,567 cases of Ebola worldwide and 4,951 deaths. While there have been 4,951 deaths worldwide, the U.S has had only one death and 8 survivors of the deadly virus. The first possibility is that the Ebola virus spreads from West Africa to megacities in other regions of the developing world. This outbreak is very different from the 19 that have occurred in Africa over the past 40 years. It is much easier to control Ebola infections in isolated villages, but there has been a 300 percent increase in Africa’s population over the last four decades, much of it in large city slums.




Redskins Gain Momentum on Cowboys

By: Peyton Lockridge

Despite the Washington Redskins slow start to the seaso, the Skins still managed to battle and eventually defeat the Dallas Cowboys, known rivals. Colt McCoy, a third string quarterback picked up by Washington, got his second start of the season, and led his team to a victory. The Redskins won both games Colt McCoy played in. The Redskins handed the Cowboys their second loss of the season, dropping them to 6-2. The Redskins are now 3-6 after losing to the Vikings this Sunday, November 2nd, where Robert Griffin III started and played the whole game after being out on an injury for a few weeks. Fans wonder if starting and playing the rusty RGIII was a good decision by Coach Jay Gruden, especially with the upcoming bye week for the Redskins. The Skins are back at it, Sunday November 16th, against the Buccaneers.



By: Gunner Cook

Lee High fall sports are coming to an end. Volleyball wrapped up Monday night with a loss to Nelson County. The Lee Ladies had a positive year with major contributions from from young players. Look for a solid year in 2015 from the volleyball team. Football is getting hot at the right time, and that momentum should make for a good postseason. The Leemen take on the Blue Streaks this Friday in the burg. It’s still up in the air on the first playoff opponent for the football team. Winter sports start with try-outs on Monday, November 10th. Cross Country goes to regionals after a good showing at conference. The Lee CC will see county rival Wilson this week. Cheerleading also advanced to regionals and is looking to make another run at states. Looks like it is setting up for some strong finishes from our fall teams.



Teacher Of The Month

By: Chastity Via

This year Robercooper.jpgt E Lee has gained another special Leemen, Ms. Cooper. Ms. Cooper is the English 09 teacher down the first hall beside the foreign language rooms.  Her students have made the comments that she is a wonderful teacher, and she is different from other teachers. When I asked how she was a different teacher they responded by saying “ She is fun, but serious.. she gives the environment that she can be nice, and laid back; But when needed she will get things done.” According to her students, she does not give that much homework, and their favorite thing about her is: Staying on top of things.

After interviewing Ms. Cooper’s students, she too had agreed with what they were saying! She gives the environment that will seek her students attention, and make them comfortable. Ms. Cooper had gone to college for 4 years, and she explained that she knew she always wanted to be a teacher. Ms. Cooper had explained that, this year is her first and that sometimes she did second guess her job, but who doesn’t? Ms. Cooper enjoys being a teacher, but at the end of the day she can not wait to get home, get relaxed, and turn on her TV to netflix and watch movies.

Ms. Cooper has been selected for teacher of the month due to her outstanding personalities, her students, and co workers that have spoken nicely about her. Welcome to Robert E Lee High School, Ms. Cooper we all home you make yourself at home in this school.




Annabelle Review

By: Josh spradlin

October 3, 2014  Annabelle was released for the public to watch. This creepy horror story is based on a real life doll, but as hollywood does they made the doll creepier and made the story scarier. In the movie a husband buys his wife the doll for her collection. The family was expecting a baby soon and the dolls were in the room. Not long after they got the doll  two crazy cultists snuck into their house and the husband killed the man but the women cultist killed herself while holding the doll, the cultists name was Annabelle. I thought this movie was really interesting and creepy it made me want to investigate the story even more. The movie ‘ The Conjuring ” and this one are tied together. The story of annabelle is a very weird story and I suggest to watch the movie and to look up the story.



Baja Bean Co.

By: Natalie Fitzgerald

I recently visited Staunton’s Baja Bean located downtown at 9 W Beverley Street. While visiting this establishment, a waiter greeted me very graciously with warm chips and the most delicious homemade salsa that was not overly spiced but just spicy enough. Immediately after serving me the complementary appetizer, my choice of beverages was asked and delivered to me within seconds. I then ordered queso and a steabaja.gifk fajita quesadilla. I was nervous at first when tasting the queso because it can be difficult to get it cooked exactly right, not cooked too fast or too slow; however, the queso was cooked to perfection. The quesadilla I had was also quote delectable. There was a perfect steak to cheese and onion to pepper ratio, and the tortilla that surrounded them were perfectly crisped. The bill was brought to me on my terms, and the waiter did not rush me at all. When I asked for a box to take my queso home with me, the waiter also brought me a bag of fresh, warm tortilla chips. All in all, Baja is an excellent restaurant with delicious foods, and exceptional service.



Abby Rasheed Staunton Teen and Musician

By: Emma Sue Sims

Abby at one of her favorite coffe houses in downtown Staunton with a fresh biscotti from the Farmers Market.

Abby Rasheed is a 17 year old  Robert E. Lee High School senior. Not only does Abby mentor with the Staunton Downtown Development association, take a course at Blue Ridge Community College, and take AP classes at Lee she is one of the most talented young women you will meet. After interviewing Abby we were able to learn more and get a deeper look at Abby and her love of music.

Ever since she was little Abby has been surrounded by the life of a musician. When asked about what started it all Abby responded “When I was little, I would always dance and sing along to anything.  I especially liked my dad’s collection of rock music.  My family has always enjoyed listening to music throughout the house.  My dad plays guitar, and so did his mom, which originally drew me to this instrument. I had a couple toy guitars when I was three, but I started taking guitar lessons when I was six years old.  I’ve always liked to sing, but I didn’t sing much publicly before 8th grade.”

While she told us she has had some horror moments such as “One time, when I was busking in Charlottesville with a couple of friends, a little girl ran up to my guitar case and snatched some of the money we made.  Not only did she steal it, she yelled, “my little brother put this in there, and now he wants it back!”  The three year old boy said, “No, I didn’t,” and she grabbed his arm proceeding to run down the street.  We continued to play our song, and when we finished, we stared at each other awhile, disturbed by the scene that had just played out,” Abby added that there always the good times such as “One of the best parts about playing music is that I meet so many interesting people–musicians who I can play with and share experiences with, but also music listeners.”  Acoustic folk/rock is Abbys style and while she does write some of her own songs she mostly performs covers of some of the bands she is most inspired by including the Arctic Monkeys and the Black Keys. When asked to elaborate on who she looks up to in the music world Abby added “ I get inspiration from Neil Young, Carole King, The Talking Heads, Jack White, Alex Turner, Bob Dylan, Dan Auerbach, Jefferson Airplane, Sameer Gadhia, Jake Bugg, and Eric Clapton.” While Abby has all these people to live up to she also has some inspiration locally and in her own home. To quote Abby, “My dad has always been very supportive of my music, and, being a musician himself, it is something that we can share.  My two music teachers are Rob Otis and Barbara Martin.  They have known me since I was young, and with their help, I have become more confident in both my singing and my guitar playing.”

Abby performing at Queen City Brewing in Staunton, VA


After listening to Abby play I was shocked at her amount of astounding talent. At 17 years old the potential already shines through Abby every time she picks up her guitar or ukulele. If you want to hear more from Abby she plays most Tuesdays at Queen City Brewing in Staunton and she will be at the Mudhouse in Crozet on November 22nd. Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the most talented teens in Staunton, Abby Rasheed.



Lee Drama Presents The Never Ending StorySnapchat-20141106010008.jpg

By: Tamarah Clayton

This fall, Lee Drama will bring Michael Ende’s epic fantasy, The Neverending Story, to life. This classic tale was made into a wildly popular movie in 1984.

The story centers on a sad, bullied boy who steals a mysterious book from a cranky bookseller. Hiding in a school attic, he reads the thrilling tale of a young hunter, Atreyu, as he goes on a quest to save Fantastica. Throughout the tale he encounters giant turtles, luckdragons, strange gnomes, and a large, evil wolf. As the boy reads on, he begins to discover the book is causing him to enter the fantasy world to save the Childlike Empress.  Lee Drama’s production will be unique, in that it will be the first time the entire story from the book will be presented.  The actors have been training for months on learning to operate and act with twenty large puppets that help create the fantasy world.

Show dates are November 20-22 at 7pm and november 23 at 2:30pm.  Tickets are $5.00.  You can check out their “making-of” series on YouTube by searching for the following: “Chapter I: Artax & Gmork”, “Chapter II: Falkor”, or “Chapter III: Morla”.



Joe Bledsoe: Blue Ridge Community College

By: Jaylen Williams

Joe BledsIMG_0591.JPGoe is in his mid-twenties, he loves to skateboard, but he also goes to Blue Ridge Community College. Blue Ridge was founded in 1967 and it is located in weyers cave, VA. He is pursuing a major in chemical engineering. “Blue ridge isn’t that bad of a college even though it’s a community college it is still in a great environment and a great school,” Joe stated. He usually has afternoon classes because it’s kind of a on a schedule you set up. Joe is planning on staying at Blue Ridge for two years then he is going to transfer into University of Virginia for about 3 or 4 more years to get his masters degree. Then from there on he is going to find a job. Joe added “Its a pretty cool school I don’t really go for the parties and all that stuff I just look at it as an education because some people don’t even get that.”



Fall Fashion

By: Jordan Mooneyham

Fall is finally here! It is time to dress in style. Girls, don’t know what to wear? Sometimes Lee is very cold inside and as soon as you step out of the door, you’re sweating. So, wear something like a quarter length sleeve with a light scarf. Great warmth during school! Also, cool for these warm afternoons.

Boys, want something warm or cool to wear? Good news! Flannel season is in! You can either roll up your sleeves or wear them down if you get chilly. flannel.jpg




This Weeks Poll…….

By: Abbey Kincheloe

Hello Lee High School! This week I came into Second Lunch and Third Lunch, and asked a few of you some questions for the poll this week.

The first question I asked (and the one that got the most responses), was “Do you have Ebola?” Many students are paranoid about whether or not they have Ebola, Influenza, or The Common Cold.

The results are in!……..


All answers were submitted anonymously, and answered “honestly”


Out of the 197 people who answered this question, 78 of them said yes.

The second question I asked involved student section involvement. Lee High Pride is a huge part of our tradition, and because we now have a pep club, The Traveller staff wanted to find out how many of you guys actually come and support your players.

The results are in!……….

pieChart_jpg (1).jpeg

The results for this poll are off the charts! No literally, all the words literally are not on the chart.

Out of 100 people, 65 of them have been to three or more student sections…THAT IS AWESOME. THAT IS MORE THAN 50%.

Basketball season is coming up, and if you fell below the 3+ category, call a friend, get a ride, and come to a game! The spirit we have here is something you should be proud of, and something you should participate in!!

Warning: If you do not like loud noise, funny costumes, or fun do not come.

Both charts created on:



Technology Life Hacks

By: Alex Deaton

Here are five technology life hacks to help you in the technological world:

  1. You can open task manager by simply pressing ctrl+shift+esc.
  2. Each IPhone 6+ has the feature called Bend.
  3. If you are having trouble with a disc or cartridge try taking it out and blowing on it to get off the dust without smudging it with your hands.
  4. 87% of all computer problems can be fixed by restarting the computer.
  5. The iOS8 update for the IPhone allows access to the new Wave function.