The Traveller

Issue #3 

October 2014-2015

Articles written by the students of Mr. Brown’s Photojournalism classes. Edited and uploaded by Lee High senior Emma Sue Sims.



Table Of Contents

1. How To Survive Midterms
2. Jordan’s Jobs
3. Top Ten Songs
4. Lee High Sports Update
5. Selfies: Can and Cannots
6. Ebola and How It Won’t Kill Us
7. High School Survival Guide
8. National October Days Calender

9. Who Are The Frontrunners For The Super Bowl?

10. College Sports News

11. SPCA
12. Halloween Group Costume Ideas13. Libra Horoscope14. Blood Drive


How to Survive Midterms

By: Tamarah Clayton

Yup, it’s that time of year. Midterms, what some students feel is their beginning to an end. Well, to ease your panicky mindset, “It’s not that deep”. Midterms may seem as though you’re being set up for failure, but its only to test your knowledge of the first part of the semester. With a few small preparations, you are sure to perform exceedingly and succeed at your best ability. So, in order to keep things simple….



  • SLEEP! I know you hear this everyday midterm or not, but sleeping an appropriate amount could improve your scores immensely. You’ll be answering questions you didn’t even know you knew the answer to! Sleep allows the mind to take a break and prepare itself for tomorrow’s challenges, i.e Midterms. So, in other words…


  • BREAKFAST! Being that you’re going to be in one class for about 2 hours testing, eating something nutritious could benefit you in many different ways. I think we all know that not eating makes it hard to stay focused on anything but, of course, food. Nobody is going to factor polynomials on an empty stomach, right? So eating even something small like a granola bar can help you stay focused on getting a passing  score.

  • LIGHT STUDY! Yeah, I know its not the funnest thing in the world, that’s why I said “light”! Most students feel the need to cram everything in before the test, but, studies show that students that study less end up having a better score than the ones who study at an excessive rate. If you look over your notes and refresh on the things you struggle on, you are more likely to have a better grade.

Midterms are not something you’d get excited about, but its not something to stress over either. Taking little steps towards trying to better your scores could improve them more than you would think.


Jordan’s JOBS

By: Jordan Mooneyham

Looking for a job around town? Well you have come to the right article! A couple people are hiring for part time which is indeed perfect for the right high school student!

Like working around animals? PETCO in Staunton would be the perfect job for you. You can contact them at 540-932-2500. Like saving lives? Lifeguard at your local Staunton Augusta YMCA! Are you interested in seeing what goes on at El Puerto? They are now hiring!You can contact them at 540-886-3578.

Walmart is also hiring at the Staunton and Waynesboro one! You can contact the Staunton Walmart at 540-886-8566. You can contact the Waynesboro Walmart at 540-932-2500. Like the idea of working in Waynesboro, but don’t want to work at Walmart. The Dollar General is looking for a Sales Associate! They are located 1317 W Broad Street. Don’t want to work there either? Ann Taylor LOFT in Waynesboro Town Center shopping area is hiring! Don’t want to work in Waynesboro or Staunton? Verona Foodlion is on the lookout for a Sales Associate! You can contact them at 540-248-4122. Also, Kangaroo Express on Greenville Ave is hiring! You can contact them at 800-627-3999.


Top 10 Pop Hits

By; Kat Carr

For the past few months, these top hits have been the epitome of the teen spirit to crank up the radio and to sing along to.

  1. All About That Bass- Meghan Trainor. Topping the charts at number one, Trainor’s teen girl anthem empowers all teen girls and really anyone to accept their bodies and themselves.
  1. Shake It Off- Taylor Swift.
  2. Black Widow- Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora.
  3. Bang Bang Bang- Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj.
  4. Anaconda- Nicki Minaj
  5. Habits ( Stay High- Tove Love
  6. Tough Love- Jeremiah ft. YG
  7. Animas – Maroon 5
  8. Stay With Me- Sam Smith
  9. Break Free- Ariana Grande

( All songs found on on October 15, 2014,

  1. “All About That Bass | Meghan Trainor Official Site.” 2009. 15 Oct. 2014 <>


By: Quuraan Harden

Lee’s golf team won their way through the state championship led by Jordan Plogger, Jaron Brown, and Gunner Cook. They have also won the conference championship and Regional Championship by a huge stroke margin.

Meanwhile our varsity football team is killing it on a 3 game win streak after a very rocky start to their season losing all of their first 3 games. They have won their past 3 games but, they didn’t look all that great in those wins. They have a big week coming up vs. Waynesboro who is said to have a very tough team this year. The fighting Leemen should end their season 7 and 3 with a home playoff game, and hopefully a state title.

Varsity Volleyball is having a really rough year after a last years very good team, some would say it’s a rebuilding year for the Lee ladies. They only have 3 wins on the season but they have a few more games on their schedule that are winnable.

The cross country team is doing pretty good this year; Alex Kearney is one of many to have a good push for a state title.

Lee’s cheerleading team is doing pretty good this year but the judges have been doing them wrong, they still have a chance to win a conference title and maybe more.


Selfies: Can and Cannot’s

By: Peyton Lockridge

In this generation, we all know what a selfie is: a picture we take of ourselves, usually just featuring our beautiful facial features. Good selfies can be determined by the amount of likes you get on Instagram or how many heart-eyed emojis you get in the comments below. But I feel as if many are confused on when it is and is not acceptable to take a selfie. For example, SnapChat is always a legitimate reason to selfie. When doing something exciting with friends, the moment could be captured with a regular picture, but a selfie of the group tends to be way more interesting. It is also permitted to selfie with a cool object or thing to prove its worthiness. However, there are definitely times when a selfie is not appropriate. An individual selfie in class, a public place, and/or a restroom of any kind is frowned upon by many. Try to keep your selfies fresh, entertaining and funny; don’t be that person with the same selfie pose all the way down their Instagram.

Ebola And How It Won’t Kill Us

By: Alex Deaton

Car crashes kill 1.3 million people each year worldwide; that is more than the total number of people ever infected with ebola. Car crashes alone account for over 35% of teenage deaths. Other diseases and their mortality rates such as Influenza kills 250,000-500,000 people a year and Malaria with an estimated 627,000 deaths each year.

Ebola is not a new disease; it has been around since 1976. There have been multiple outbreaks of it and yet it has not killed a large number of people. This outbreak is not different than the others except that the media is making a big deal out of it as a way to make money. This is like the 2012 mayan doomsday prophecy; not only will ebola not kill us it is just an over-emphasized thing that the media has latched onto.

The media likes to make something seem to be a huge deal to cause just a bit of panic in people so they look for updates from them. You will NOT get ebola without actively trying to get it, and even then you would be hard pressed to get it as it would cost a lot of money to get to anyone who might have it.

It won’t kill you. Relax.

(Photo Credit:


The Survival Guide Of Lee High

By: Chastity Via

First off, freshman? You have a long way to go. I remember when I was in your spot, and I remember being scared as can be! I was coming to a new school, where I knew NO ONE.. And I felt like an ant. Don’t feel that way though! I promise it isn’t that bad. Here’s a list of ways to survive here at Lee for you freshies out there.

  • Be yourself- Nothing is better than being comfortable in your own skin and being accepted for who you really are.
  • Study- You should study for each test and try to maintain a good gpa, if not, then I can promise you it will catch up to you and your academics.
  • Classes- are you the class clown? Does it feel good when everybody laughs when you get an attitude? Well believe me, it’s not worth it. Yet, in the moment it can seem funny but, it’s disrespectful. Have respect for your teachers and peers. It gets you farther in your high school life, I promise.

Okay now, sophomores.. I bet the game has settled in now hasn’t it? You survived freshman year and now y’all know exactly what Lee High is about? Haha NOPE. That’s where you are all wrong! You guys are still just getting started. Don’t get me wrong, I thought I knew it all then too, but it’s okay, I’m here to help and not bicker. First off, congratulations on the winning of the pep rally! I didn’t know yall had it in you! Second of all, I’m going to tell you like I will everyone else, but I’m especially telling you guys because now that you’re comfortable and know you have “plenty” of time to relax and joke off with grades, you don’t.

  • Focus
  • Study
  • Learn

I feel like I was in your shoes just five minutes ago and now I’m graduating! It goes by fast.. So take the time you have left for your own advantage, your academics are more important than anything at this school. We all want you to succeed. Good luck you guys.

Juniors, wow guys.. You sure are growing up fast. You guys will be sitting in the position I am right now. Scary Huh? Well hey! Keep calm and stay classy! Haha you’re not finished just yet. Here’s some tips.

  • Study
  • GO TO VO TECH!!!! if there’s anything you’re interested in taking there that you know you want to pursue with your future, GO SIGN UP! Seriously. It helps you get insight on what your future job will be! VO tech is more than paper, and taking notes.. They also do hands on work, so go talk to Mr. Peters and get started!
  • Keep your options open about colleges. Yes, you’ve got time left but hey? You graduate in 2016! Time is TICKING!!!
  • Most importantly guys, have fun.. it goes by so fast.

SENIORS, Guys I can not believe we made it! It’s finally here! We’re walking across that stage in June of 2015! Scary thought.. But hey! We survived all these years here at Robert E Lee High School didn’t we? Why not finish with a Big Bang? We are still here and we still have the underclassmen to think about.. They look up to us. I don’t have much advice other than to keep your grades up, and do not lose focus on your path to success. I am so proud of so many of you, and I just want to say that all of you are intelligent, and that I am glad to be graduating with you guys this upcoming year. Let’s finish it off great.

NOW EVERYONE: We are FamLEE, and we stand as one. The number one survival tip I’ve got for you all? Is to maintain a good name for the fighting Leemen, good luck to you all this year.


These are some interesting National Days in October that most people do not know about!


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1. National Homemade Cookies Day 2. National Fried Scallops Day 3. World Smile Day 4. National Taco Day
5. National Apple Betty Day 6. National Noodle Day 7. National Frappe Day 8. National Fluffernutter Day 9. National Moldy Cheese Day 10. National Angel Food Cake Day 11. National Sausage Pizza Day
12. National Gumbo Day 13. National Kick Butt Day 14. Be Bald and Be Free Day 15. National Grouch Day 16. National Food Day 17. National Mulligan Day 18. National Chocolate Cupcake Day
19. National Seafood Bisque Day 20. National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day 21. National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day 22. National Nut Day 23. National Mole Day 24. National Food Day 25. Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day
26. National Pumpkin Day 27. Navy Day 28. National Chocolates Day 29. National Cat Day 30. National Candy Corn Day 31. Halloween

Natalie Fitzgerald


Who Are The Frontrunners For The Super Bowl?

By: Gunner Cook

After polling a good number of students about their pick to win the Super Bowl, it’s a solid mix of opinions. Denver is the overall favorite to win it all. It’s hard to pick against The Sheriff aka

(Peyton Manning) but, the Chargers, Cards, Seahawks, Eagles, and Cowboys are all formidable contenders to take home some hardware come February. Time will tell if the Cowboys have a traditional collapse. The Seahawks received the second most votes but, the team from Philly was a close third. The Eagles might have had some east coast biased but, they have looked solid so far. As the season progresses; the cream will rise to the top and we might have a clearer view of the best team for the 2014-2015 season.


College Sports News

By: Kvvian Durrett

Florida State administration has engaged in a pattern of conspiracy to ensure that Jameis Winston continues to play football for the Seminoles. When you really examine everything surrounding the Winston case, it’s hard not to draw the conclusion that this is the most serious college football scandal since Penn State. Winston who has had an okay 2014 season will not have an opportunity to win the heisman. He will have the opportunity for another National Championship.

“Meow” means “woof” in cat.” ― George Carlin


By: Abbey Kincheloe

Everyday there are hundreds of animals in the Staunton Augusta SPCA waiting to find a home. Cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies…all different sizes, colors, and personalities.

All of these animals are temporarily living at the SPCA, which is  located on 33 Archery Lane, Staunton VA.

The SPCA works very hard to ensure that all the animals are treated well, so they stay happy while waiting for a new home. In 2010 alone the shelter provided loving attention and care to 4,165 animals. Just imagine assisting in the miracle that is giving a living thing a loving home.

This shelter does not just work hard to make sure animals get homes, they also have a spay and neuter clinic, just in case you are worried about your animal.

Maybe you are like me, and your mother believes that she is allergic to cats, and does not want any more pets…but you still want to help! You can help this cause by volunteering! As long as you are at least 16 years old, and you can give at least eight hours of your life per week, they would appreciate your help. They need help, and you want to help these loving, sweet, adorable animals.

If you are interested in adopting, you can go visit and meet and greet lots of different dogs and cats, with lots of different personalities. There are some dogs that do not like children. If you have a little brother or sister, I suggest you do not bring this dog home. Instead, introduce this dog to your friend who also does not like children!

There are many cats who want to love you. Do not overlook them! Many people are interested in canines because they are more interested in playing and licking you. Cats will also play, and occasionally lick, but they are also much more relaxed, and will be quiet. If you are worried you are allergic to cats, have no fear! Short haired cats are much easier to breathe around than long haired cats. The point is, whatever your excuse is, there is an answer. ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT!!

If you are interested in adopting an animal in need, call 540.885.7722

More Info:

Dogs & Puppies – $150

This fee includes their spay/neuter, heartworm/lyme test, microchip, and all possible

age appropriate vaccinations. (Puppies are too young for test but will be started on preventative)

Cats – $125 / Kittens – $110

This fee includes their spay/neuter, a feline leukemia combo test (for adults), microchip,

and all possible age appropriate vaccinations.

A pet isn’t just an animal. It is a family member.


These pictures were taken off of the Staunton Augusta SPCA website, These are some potential canines you could adopt.

Halloween Group Costume Ideas

By: Josh Spradlin

For adults, Halloween is the time to become a kid again. We are too old to wear masks and too young not to dress up at all. These are some ideas of adult halloween costumes that can allow you to have a fun time during a fun time of year!!

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors

2. Wizard Of Oz

3.Blue Man Group

4. Minions

5. Flintstones

All pictures came from


Sept. 23 – Oct. 22

By: Logan Losh

Libra. If you are a Libra you will have incredible luck in the years to come. Libras in 2014 will have great success in their future because of the stars.  The stars in the sky are brighter at this time of year and the Libra absorbs the light making them stronger, faster, and luckier almost as if Libras are werewolves but not quite. They may share a common ancestor with the werewolf. Werewolves are pretty rad and if you are a Libra,you are almost a werewolf. So, you are cool.

Blood Drive

By: Jaylen Williams

The Virginia Blood Services came to Robert E. Lee High School friday October, 17th for a blood drive. Students over the age of 16 were allowed to sign up to get blood taken throughout the school day. The Virginia blood services usually holds about  2,700 blood drives a year. They have nine donor centers throughout the whole state. Two are in Richmond and others are in Charlottesville, Chester, Glen Allen, Waynesboro, and Harrisonburg . It takes about 400 donations a day to provide for the patients. The Virginia Blood service has a 77-member organization of independence.