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The Grant Study

By: Alex Deaton

The Grant Study was a 75 year study done by Harvard University. 268 Harvard sophomores participated in this study.  The study continues to yield a treasure trove of data. Research has focused upon (1) adaptation to stress, mental health, and defense mechanisms; (2) the effects of habits (especially alcoholism) and effective disorders upon physical health and mortality; (3) the effect of childhood risk factors upon adult adaptation; (4) the unfolding of adult development; and (5) the natural history of alcohol and substance abuse.

The following are some results of the study:

Alcoholism was the main cause of divorce between the Grant Study men and their wives. When associated with Alcoholism, cigarette smoking was the single greatest contributor to early morbidity and death of study participants. It was found that financial success depends on the warmth of relationships and, above a certain level, not on intelligence. There was no significant difference in maximum income earned by men with IQs in the 110–115 range and men with IQs higher than 150. Those who scored highest on measurements of “warm relationships” earned an average of $141,000 a year more at their peak salaries.

According to the study warmth of childhood relationship with mothers matters long into adulthood. Men who had “warm” childhood relationships with their mothers earned an average of $87,000 more a year than men whose mothers were uncaring. The warmth of childhood relationship with fathers correlated with lower rates of adult anxiety, greater enjoyment of vacations, and increased “life satisfaction” by the age of 75. The overall result of the study was summed up in a quote from George Vaillant,the director for the majority of the study, “Happiness is love. Full stop.”

Events In Deerfield
Above: David Cassell Photo Source:

By: Jordan Mooneyham

A stabbing in Deerfield has recently left everyone curious. Police got a call around 8 pm on September 22nd, from a local convenience store by the name of Mountain View off of 250. David Cassell is now being held at the Middle River Regional Jail on charges of malicious wounding and being publicly intoxicated. The victim, Dennis Clemmer, was at Augusta Health until he was airlifted to UVA. According to WHSVH, Clemmer’s  medical condition is good . According to the sheriff’s office, David Cassell was acting out when Clemmer asked him to leave the store. The report states that Clemmer was stabbed outside the store.


Music Video Review: PSY ft. Snoop Dogg “Hangover”

By: Logan Losh

PSY and Snoop Dogg came together and released a music video on June 8th, 2014. The song, while all about a hangover, it may or may not be the best video. At about ten seconds into the video it shows PSY puking in a toilet when Snoop pops out of the bathtub in the background and begins to dance. The editing of the video is done really well and the parts of the video that require animation are next gen. The video has about 136 million views on youtube and around 850,000 likes. Great editing, great dancing, great topic, and cool lyrics. What’s not to love about this video? I rate it 8/10 and would recommend watching.


We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do

By: Natalie Fitzgerald

For many years Lee High has not had the best reputation. In order to try and change this view of Lee High spirit, senior Lauren Smith has created pep club! “My hopes were to unite Lee High as one rather than having each class alienated from one another. I also wanted to boost school morale and increase the hype of sporting events. I used college student sections as inspiration. I think that every college student loves their school, and they are really able to come together as one during games,” Smith boasts.  Pep club is open to any Lee High student! They meet every Monday during plus block in Mr. Brown’s room (Room 220) to discuss student section ideas and ways to increase participation in school events.

Fashion Fads

By: Abbey Kincheloe

As a high school student it is your job to learn and understand the fads that are happening all around you every single day. The fad that has been most prominent this month is…..JOGGERS! This is a type of pant that can not only be super cute, but also super comfortable..aka every teenage girls dream! This type of pant is almost like a sweatpant that cinches at the bottom, but also can come in an array of patterns and colors. Usually girls wear these pants, but boys have also been known to rock ‘em.  If you are interested in this pant (and you should be) check out Rue 21. They’re selling them for only $16.99. What a great deal for a great pair of pants!!

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 IOS 8

By: Qu’araan Harden

Above: Steve Jobs

Have you heard the news the about IOS8 Apple software update? If not, Here is a quick review on the new update and more of the news going around about the product. The following are some of the new features: Multitasking email, third party keyboards, interactive notifications, Siri now works hands-off, Touch ID is open to third parties, monitor your battery life and voice messages. Those are the highlights of IOS 8, or are they? IOS 8 has been reported to be a waste of time that you should not delete your present usage just to free up enough space for the new update. Along with IOS 8 there is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. These phones aren’t much different from the 5s on the inside but, on the outside the phones now have really big displays.It seems that Apple is following in the footsteps of the Samsung galaxies and Notes. It maybe loss of innovation or maybe it’s because of the loss of the genius Steve Jobs.


Professional Sports: A Review

By: Kvvian Durrett

As the NFL season gets started on its way the returning super bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks, start the season off with a 2-1 record beating the Denver Broncos this previous weekend in a thrilling game that ended with a run by Marshawn Lynch in overtime.  In other news Domestic violence has been a huge issue for the opening weeks of the NFL season. Most have heard about the Ray Rice situation. Rice has recently been cut by the Ravens and has had his Nike contract Exterminated due to domestic violence on wife. Another act of violence recently committed is Super Star Adrian Peterson RB of the Minnesota Vikings was recently indicted for charges of neglect and child abuse. So far it has been an up and down season for the NFL but with 13 weeks still left in the season who knows what could happen between now and then.

Teacher of the Month

By: Tamarah Clayton

Above: Mrs. Ciszek

       Lee High has an outstanding amount of passionate dedicated teachers who contribute a lot towards the school and its well being. One teacher who has shined amongst these highly committed educators is our very own Mrs. Sherri Ciszek. Mrs. Ciszek is one of the art teachers here at R.E. Lee and has a very good eye for originality.

       Standing 4 foot 11 inches, this enthusiastic fun-loving energizer values her students, their individual uniqueness, and their ability to create beautiful artwork whether they are artistic or not. Teaching Art/ Drawing, Ceramics 1, and Craft Design Mrs.Ciszek shows the importance of art and how art has individually differentiated the outcome of our past, present, and most likely, our future.

       Coming into her second year here with our Fighting Leemen, Mrs. Ciszek is involved with the Foreign Language Club and is leader of SADD Club.  Many of her students have expressed their appreciation to Mrs. Ciszek’s dedication and passion in what she teaches. Students enjoy her fun-filled spirit and optimistically youthful attitude that keeps her classroom positively inviting.

We thank you, Mrs. Ciszek, for your great attitude and immense amount of kindness that demonstrates good character and continuous devotion in doing what you love and loving what you do. It is safe to say that good things do come in small packages.

Upcoming Events at Lee High

By: Anna Lightner

Guess what Lee High? It’s Homecoming again! Get into the festive spirit by participating in everything. First, dress up as your favorite movie/book character on Monday, September 29. On Tuesday, September 30, dress as your favorite band or singer (remember: dress code still applies). Wednesday, the first of October, it’s TWINS-DAY! Match your best friend or some random guy in the hallway. Then later that evening, head over to the park to watch the Powder puff football game. On Thursday, October 2, it’s Throwback Thursday. Dress from your favorite decade. ALSO on Thursday: come support the Lee Ladies as they take on the biggest oxymoron’s in history: Waynesboro’s very own LittleGiants! After the game, the Junior class will be hosting a bonfire by the parking lot. Every Leemen is welcome to attend. And finally, dress in your class colors on Friday (freshmeat, I mean freshmen, wear white, sophomores wear grey, juniors wear blue, and seniors wear black) and get ready for the Pep Rally! Then, at 7 pm Eastern, come support your very own Fighting Leemen as they face the Turner Ashby Knights in the Homecoming football game. Saturday night, at the Shelburne Gym, is where the homecoming dance will be taking place from 8-11. That’s all for now for your upcoming events at Robert E. Lee High School!



By: Gunner Cook

1 pint of Heavy Cream

1 stick of butter

2 T. Cream Cheese

½ C. Parmesan cheese

1 tsp. Garlic powder

In a saucepan melt butter. When butter is melted add cream cheese. When the cream cheese is softened add heavy cream. Simmer the mixture for 15-20 minutes on low. You may wish to season with a little salt and pepper.

Opportunity Cost

By: Jaylen Williams

Gerald Earl Gillum, known as “G-eazy”, is an american rapper and a music producer from oakland, california. Gerald was born May 24, 1989. His top singles are “Run around Sue” and “Been On”. G attended and graduated from Loyola University of California in 2011. He dropped his first mixtape in 2007 when he was attending Loyola. His song “Opportunity Cost” was on his new album “These Things Happen”. That album was released in June 2014 and is one of the most sold albums of the year. “Opportunity Cost” is about how he came up in life from rapping and all the struggles he had. G is a pretty successful guy, he rapped and still maintained to get through high school and college. “I knew I had to go to college, but I knew I wanted to pursue music, that’s why I chose Loyola. I’ve been lucky enough to meet people, and I knew I had until college was over to get it all done”. In “Opportunity Cost” G talks about the cost of being a famous rapper and how he missed a lot of important things in life from being on tour and being busy in his rap life. “Yesterday my mom got of surgery, I wasn’t even in town, shows and after parties all i been round’”. G is explaining how being in the rap game is difficult because he couldn’t even see his mom right out of surgery because he was busy. In “Opportunity Cost” G breaks down how life really is when you grow up and have priorities.

ISIS- No Joke

By: Jeffrey Morgan

ISIS or Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria have been underestimated by the CIA who have claimed that ISIS consisted of 10,000 fighters but now is estimated to have 20,000-31,500 recruits. This may be due to the fact that there have been many recruits outside from the west with as many as 400 from Germany; this has caused Germany to outlaw anything doing with ISIS including small items such as flags. In addition to the frightening number of participants three western journalists have already been beheaded by ISIS, two from America and one from Britain. ISIS is an enemy to many including neighboring states, EU, US, Russia, and even other terrorist organizations.

The U.S. President, Barack Obama, barely even acknowledged ISIS earlier in the year by calling ISIS a varsity sports team and Al Qaeda a professional sports team. However, ISIS has proven to be financially self-sustaining and has claimed around one-third of both Syrian and Iraqi territory. ISIS has also provided a genocidal threat to the Yazidi minorities and deemed them “devil worshipers.” The group plans to use their women as sex-slaves.

These extremists carry the occasional AK, PK machine guns, RPG (rocket propelled grenade), regular hand grenades, and I.E.D. (improvised explosive device). But unlike most radical Islamic organisations, ISIS possesses Soviet sa-7 and US stinger shoulder mounted s.a.m. (surface to air missiles),Yugoslavian M79 OSA, Peoples Republic of China H-J8, Soviet AT-4 Spigot anti-tank missiles, Soviet Type-59 field guns, U.S. M198 howitzers, humvees, T-54/T-55 Soviet heavy tanks, Soviet T-72 and US M1 Abrams main battle tanks, US M1117 armoured cars, Soviet truck mounted DShK heavy machine guns, ZU-23-3 anti

aircraft guns, BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers, and at least one Iraqi Scud ballistic missile.
When ISIS captured the Mosul Airport in June, 2014 they collected several UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters and cargo planes, but according to Peter Beaumont of The Guardian, it is unlikely ISIS will be able to deploy them. ISIS captured some nuclear materials from the Mosul University on July, 2014 and “can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction” according to Iraq’s UN Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alkhakim. International Atomic Energy Agency spokeswoman, Gill Tudor, said the seized material was “low grade and would not present a significant safety, security, or nuclear proliferation risk.”

Sources: Various Yahoo News

pages and Wikipedia

Lee High Athletics

By: Peyton Lockridge

Lee High fall sports are now in full swing, and students are excited. With the first three home games already under our belt, the guys are ready for Bath County. The football team has been challenged with an extremely difficult schedule this year, but Coach Tibbs and the team have hope for their season and playoff goals.

In volleyball news, the girls have gotten off to a rough start this year losing seven out of eight games. The team lost six seniors to graduation last year; five of them were known starters and had played travel volleyball together for years. Disregarding the loss of these leaders, new faces have surfaced on the varsity roster adding four new freshman. Despite the team’s six game losing streak, Coach Jan Williams is now running a 5-1 and has faith in her starting line up, many of them freshmen and sophomores.

9 ½ facts

By: Kat Carr

Nine facts and one trivia question written  in order to get you through the next month. The facts vary from serious, to nerdy,to interesting, and to funny.  (Each Trivia question will have the answer included in the next paper. )

  1. If you have an itch, apply pressure to it and that will reduce the blood flow, which will cause the itch to go away. (Pinterest)
  2. Horses are un-able to vomit.
  3. Leonardo Da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other.
  4. Caterpillars liquify as they transform into moths.
  5. In the movie Pulp Fiction, all of the clocks are set to the time 4:20.
  6. The name Jeep is an abbreviation used in the army and originates from “General Purpose” vehicle, G.P.
  7. Reserves from the Irish army were extras in the movie “Braveheart.”
  8. A cat has 32 muscles in one ear.
  9. On the liberty Bell, how is Pennsylvania spelled?  A). Pennsylvanai  B). Pensylvania C). Pennsilvania D). Pennssylvania
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Edited By: Emma Sue Sims