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School Spirit

By: Anna Lightner

Whether you know it or not, we encounter school spirit every day of the week. From teachers helping us to be our best, to the student who holds the door in the morning for the student behind them, our school spirit shows. School spirit is not just about being loud and cheering our team to victory, although that is very important, it’s also about how we interact with our classmates and faculty members. By encouraging and helping each other, we create a feeling of unity and friendship that only enhances the spirit of our school. Along with that, we can cheer on our friends and classmates when we play against our rivals because we all know how good it feels to beat the opposing team. So make every day an opportunity to show school spirit and GO LEE!


Lee High Sports Update

By: Jaylen Williams

Robert E. Lee boys took on Charlottesville High School on Friday August 22nd. Over all the Lee boys played an outstanding game.The final score was 27-7, lee boys were pretty happy about their win and thought they played well. The Leemen were beating Charlottesville by 27 points until the start of the 4th quarter. Team Players Stephen, Jay, Q, and Keishawn all had great touchdowns throughout the first three quarters. Tibbs decided they were up by enough points to put the second team on the field, and they held their ground pretty well. The second team defense  only let up one touchdown the whole 4th quarter. “I feel like we played a good game we could have played better, but overall i feel like we worked well as a team and we came out on top” commented Mike Peduto. Lee High School football also played against Heritage on Friday September 12th. Even Though they didn’t win they still managed to get some points on the board.The first two minutes the score was 0-14 heritage in the lead from some faulty mistakes. Heritage boys kept scoring throughout the game but Lee started to make a small breakthrough in the 4th quarter. Players D and Tavin both helped Lee with two touchdowns but Lee was still defeated. The final score was 13-44  “Their running-back had great holes and their line was blocking really well, so in the end they played better than us” commented Kvvian Durret.


Reddit Review

By: Alex Deaton

Reddit is a social media site and community made up of smaller communities called subreddits. When one of these subreddits are subscribed to the more popular of the posts on that subreddit’s page will appear on the subscribers front page (your main news feed). When starting out on reddit you are automatically subscribed to the 20 default subreddits that make up the front page of reddit when you aren’t logged in. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to any subreddit any time you are logged in.The following are some examples of what you can see on reddit:

On the subreddit /r/writingprompts people are able to post an interesting writing prompt and others will comment on the post with a story that meets that writing prompt. The following example was written by /u/squirrelrampage:

[WP] A homeless person being harassed by the police for sleeping at a historical site is actually the one the site was originally built for

“Hey, you there!” The yell of the guard echoed through the fog and disappeared over the sea.

She tried to cower even more lowly, but the cone of light from the guard’s flashlight was following her every move.

“No sudden moves!” the man hissed. Very slowly he came closer. Keeping his flashlight and his gun pointed at her.

“Leave me alone, please… I just want to rest. I am so tired, so tired…” her voice trailed off.

As the man in the bulletproof vest came closer, he eyed her very closely: As she huddled against the cold stone of the monument, he only saw a bundle of dirty clothes in her. It was a young woman, although she seemed to have aged beyond her years. Or that was due to the deplorable of her clothes, her messy hair and her dirty skin? He could see some feverish, reddened eyes peeking at him. He wondered if she was a druggy.

“No sudden moves…” he said once more, making sure that she understood him.

“Don’t shoot. I am not a threat,” she said. “I never was…”

“What are you doing here? How did you get here? Did you hide during the day? Did you take a boat? Did you swim?” It was hardly likely that this gaunt woman would have been able to stand the cold water of the autumn sea and the currents around the island, but one never knew what a druggy was capable of.

“I just came through and I wanted to have a look again…”

“You wanted to have look?” The guard shook his head. “What is wrong with you?” he muttered mostly to himself. He lowered his gun a little bit, but kept he did not put it away. “You can’t stay here, this is private property.”

“No, this is public land,” the woman said.

“Makes no difference. You have no right to be here.”

“Right? You dare to talk to ME about rights?” She flared up.

Instantly he had his gun aimed at her again. “Stop right there, Lady!”

She stared at his gun. Then suddenly she started to chuckle, then it transformed into full-blown laughter.

She was high, he concluded. He had to play it safe. “Down! Down on your knees! Hands behind your head! And quick!”

The woman kneeled and followed his instructions. Her laughter had transformed into sobs.

He kept an eye on her, while he activated his radio and called in for help.

They did not talk when his colleagues arrived; she did not try to resist when they put handcuffs on her and when they escorted her away, but he could see the tears in her eyes and how he trembled.

Waiting in the cold by the waterside, waiting for the boat to land, he felt sorry for her. She could have been beautiful once, but now she was just a mess: Two of his colleagues keeping her in check while he stood by the side with his gun – just in case.

“Listen…” he said slowly. “Don’t think ill of me. We have to be careful these days. Terrorists and all. I am just doing my duty.”

She raised her head and her eyes were full of… He could not really pinpoint it. Pity? Contempt? Hatred?

“Duty? Tell me, do you think, this is what this is all about.” She nodded towards the monument.

“Oh, spare me the preaching,” he sighed. The guard shook his head.

They were quiet until the boat arrived and he watched while the other guards placed her on a seat on the deck. The two of them shared one last look into each other’s eyes. He noticed that the impression of meekness he had seen in her before, was now almost entirely gone. Her stare was full of defiant determination and it was directed towards him.

He turned around and went away, back to his duty.

Moments later the boat had taken off. It speeded through the dark waves while the lights of the city started to emerge from the fog.

One of the other guards approached her, firmly holding onto his assault rifle while he spoke to the seated woman. “Where do you live?” he asked.

She raised her head and stared right at him. “Not here anymore,” she said while the Statue of Liberty disappeared in the dark and the fog of this cold autumn night.

Sometimes reddit bits can be as simple as changing the road signs for a good laugh as shown in the below picture:

updated rode signs.jpgYou can also see some amazing creations such as these carved crayons shown wars crayons.jpg

There is even something for those freshmen of the conceited type; a subreddit called /r/im14andthisisdeep where they can act like they know what they are talking about.


The Local Skate Park

By: Logan Losh

What comes to mind when you hear “the skate park” perhaps ghetto, or maybe even hood rat. The truth is that the skate park in Staunton is an amazing environment, a place for people to get involved, and a place for people with the same interest to meet and grow together. Sure there’s illegal activities happening on a daily basis just like everywhere else, and sometimes you can’t even see the other people because of cigarette smoke, but the locals that go to the skate park regularly are generally really nice people. Skaters and bikers alike are all at the skate park for one of two reasons; to skate, or to bike that’s all they’re worried about. They do not care if you’re good or bad all they care about is progression. Our cameras caught up with a local who goes by the name of “Blood”. Luckily for us Blood had some time on his hands and was able to answer a few questions. Blood commented, “The skate park is nice, way nicer than the one I had where I used to live. The people that come here aren’t too bad either.” Blood also made it known that his best and favorite trick to do is the flatground 3-shuv. Blood finds it hilarious when other people fall, but he’s also very encouraging. Strip away the stereotypes, look through the smoke, and there is an entire new world out there of people who enjoy what they do and enjoy working together to do it.

Teacher Of The Week

By: Peyton Lockridge

Coach and teacher, Jarrett Hatcher, has really stepped up his game this year. His apparel has been more than impressive these first few weeks of school; he has been seen sporting a suit and tie and the occasional pair of Nike free runs. Along with his chic style and dashing good looks, Coach Hatcher is also the junior class’ sponsor. He dedicates tons of his time to Robert E. Lee High School, and that’s only outside of the classroom. Inside room 132, Mr. Hatcher uses his great wit and funny sense of humor to help students grasp concepts in US History and Practical Law. When Coach Hatcher was asked about his favorite thing concerning Lee High, he responded, “I love everything about Lee High; I’ve spent my entire life here as an adult. The first event I ever went to as a baby was a Lee High sporting event. I’ve spent my entire existence hanging out at Lee High.” We are lucky to have him as a teacher at Lee, and we appreciate all he does for the students!

Above: Coach Hatcher

How Much Longer Will We Be FamLEE?

By: Natalie Fitzgerald

Throughout the city of Staunton, there have been complaints from a few about the name of Robert E. Lee High School. Their argument has been that Robert E. Lee was a confederate leader, which he was. Lee had slaves, lived in the South on a large plantation, and led the Confederate Army. Who would want their children to be sent to a school that was named after a “racist”?

Although Lee was all of these bad things, it seems others have been made enraged by these complaints. Yes, Lee did have slaves and fight for slavery; however, Lee got rid of all of his slaves. He realized that slavery was wrong, and he freed them all. His wife and daughter even set up an illegal school for slaves on the Arlington plantation. Lee also petitioned slaveholders in 1864-1865 to volunteer for the army with manumission offered as a “reward”. Some people have argued that Lee only fought for the Confederacy because President Abraham Lincoln asked him to lead, and Lee did not really want to fight against and kill his family and friends. Lee was a great leader.

Both of these “sides” have very valid and convincing points. Lee High School’s head varsity basketball coach and Government teacher Jarrett Hatcher says, “I’m a Lee guy. I’m a history teacher. I see both sides of this argument. I don’t know what the resolution will be.” Who knows what the turnout will be or if the complaints will be dealt with at all.

Editor: Emma Sue Sims