Robert E. Lee High School’s

The Traveller

Issue #9

March  2014-2015

Articles written by the students of Mr. Brown’s Photojournalism classes. Edited and uploaded by Lee High Senior Emma Sue Sims.

Best and Worst Dressed at the 2015 Oscars

By: Hannah Flavin

This years annual Oscars were a must see. While some stars walked the red carpet looking dashing, others could have chosen something that would have better suited them. The majority of the celebrities that walked the carpet looked stunning and made my best dressed list. The very few stars that made mDisplaying girlie.jpgy worst dressed list should have looked in the mirror twice before coming out to the event.

Some of the best dressed stars included Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lopez. Natalie Portman looked gorgeous in a high neck lined cream colored dress by Dior. The gown seemed as if it was designed for Natalie. Amy Adams wore a beautiful blue dress by Versace that went stunningly with her red hair and fair colored skin. While some said Scarlett Johansson was one of the worst dressed, I thought she looked fabulous. Johansson also wore a Versace dress that was green with a green necklace to fill the neckline. Emma Stone was my best dressed as she looked absolutely breath taking. She wore a mustard yellow gown by Elie Saab.

Dakota Johnson wore a red gown by Saint Laurent that looked great with her brunette hair color and skin tone. Jennifer Aniston wore a sparkly nude gown by Atelier Versace that was form fitting but suited her perfectly for her age. Also wearing an Elie Saab gown was Jennifer Lopez. The gown was a sparkly tan and poofed out after her abdomen. Lopez looked captivating as always. These ladies walked the red carpet looking marvelous and I can not wait to see their choices next year.

The only worst dressed celebs included Gwyneth Paltrow, and Nicole Kidman. Gwyneth Paltrow wore a tight, one sleeved, light pink gown by Ralph & Russo. The gown had a large rose on the shoulder of the sleeve that looked misplaced. The pink did not suit the blonde beauty. I expected a lot more from Gwyneth. Nicole Kidman wore a white and gold sequined dress by Louis Vuitton with a red accent belt. The color of the dress did not compliment her red hair nor her skin tone. These two women, although dashingly beautiful, will hopefully chose something that fits them better in the future.

Student of the Month

 By: Lela Garten

Displaying IMG_0125.JPG

The student of the month for February is Jessica Coiner. She is currently a second semester senior taking only two classes a day! Jessica is ecstatic to graduate in june. She has a part time job at the McDonalds in Verona. She has still found a way to manage her school priorities while working. She takes government with Stinespring third block and sociology with Stinespring fourth. She enjoys socializing with her friends and scrapbooking. Jessica’s plans for after high school are to attend Blue Ridge Community College and then transfer to JMU. She wants to major in business. Jessica’s favorite season is summer, she enjoys vacationing and visiting the beach.  Typically, she travels to nags head. Jessica usually enjoys staying on the beach and in the ocean when she goes. Her dream car is a Mazda 6, but she currently drives a Hyundai Elantra. Jessica’s favorite Lee High memory was this years pep rally in October. She was cheering her class on when out of nowhere a whole roll of toilet paper hit her in the head. “It’s just my luck,” Jessica laughs.


By: Kat Carr

Within the past year, the Dominion Pipeline has caused an uproar with local community members. As proposed, the 550-mile pipeline would extend from West Virginia, through Virginia, and end in North Carolina near the Hampton Roads area. In Augusta County, the pipeline would cross 50 miles of the pastures, Riverheads, and South River Districts along a permanently cleared easement.

On FeDisplaying IMG_1691.JPGbruary 5th, supervisors from Augusta County discussed the stance for or against the pipeline. 300 members of the community and the supervisors attended the meeting, which was held inside the Government Center. There were at least 50 speakers who spoke mostly against the project. A representative assured the residents that there would not be as much disturbance to the region as they thought there would be. The supervisors listened to many comments about the potential land use impacts from the utility’s project.

Dominion’s vice president of the corporate communications, Chet Wade, stated that the 43 miles that the pipeline would run through would cause no more harm than the Columbia Gas line, which has been operating for more than 80 years. Wade attempted to lighten the situation by also stating that the pipeline would be monitored 24/7. Tom long, a public speaker, stated that the pipeline would be too close to homes and schools.

The other companies working with Dominion believe that the $5 billion project will provide a cheaper and a cleaner energy source. Nancy Sorrells stated that  the project will offer a historic development for the Shenandoah Valley and that would be “all pain and no gain.” “Our property rights are ignored, our water resources are threatened, our public safety  compromised, our environmental and historic resources ravaged, and our farm and properties devoured,” said Sorrells. The FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) will hold a round of public meetings, pertaining to the pipeline, in the upcoming weeks.



By: Mari-Peyton Kouchinskyfish

If you are lucky enough to have your birthday fall between February 19 and March 20, consider yourself a Pisces! Pisces are considered one of the more mysterious zodiac signs and like to keep to themselves. They feel everything deeply and often get their feelings hurt over small things. However, pisces are very kind and creative because of their sympathetic side. This will be a very opportunistic month for the pisces. Work hard on your school work and you will see quick results. This month should pass easily, and the end of the year will be here before you know it.


By: Willson Baxley

Attention all Lee HighDisplaying Pic.jpg students and faculty members: as winter comes to a close and we begin to look forward to warm weather, many of us often forget the major downside to the spring season: allergies. Allergy season is rapidly approaching and that means it is time to start preparing to fight back our sniffles, sneezing, and congestion. The best way to fight allergies would just be to not breathe, but that would be fatal. Plus, there is a less fatal way to combat our allergy symptoms. The best way to fight allergies is by taking any over the counter allergy medicine such as Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, or many other medicines that are available at almost every major retailer. Most people do not realize that these medicines take a few hours to kick in, and it is best to take them daily for the best results of stopping your allergy symptoms. Once the trees, flowers, and plants start to blossom, then it is in your best interest to start taking the medicine before the pollen in the air goes up sky high. Another option of battling your allergies is to get your doctor to prescribe you a nasal spray from a pharmacy. Also, do not forget your tissues because most teachers in the building do not have tissues available, so just keep a small tissue packet in your bookbag just in case.

Motivation to Finish the Year

By: Angela Bailey

“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” -Oprah Winfrey

With less than 100 days of the 2015 school year left, it is hard to find the motivation to stay up late at night doing calculus homework. Freshmen understand that they are nowhere close to being finished at Lee, so doing school work is just unavoidable. The story is different for the seniors who only have three months left to walk the halls at Lee High School. Most seniors have already applied for college and have been accepted, so finding the personal motivation to continue to study vigorously for tests is difficult at this point in the year. As a senior, I can truly attest to the fact that the inspiration to make A’s in classes has slowly died….but now is not the time to quit! A piece of motivation for seniors is that we only have three more months to make an impact on Lee high. For four years we have worked hard and done our best to be good students. These last few months we need to get involved and truly take time to work hard in our studies. When it is hard to find motivation, think about the freedom that comes with graduation.

Basketball and Spring Sports

By: Hunter Purcell

Year after year, the winter sports season is probably the most exciting season for sports at Lee High because of the phenomenal basketball teams, and this year was no exception. Both the girls and the boys basketball teams had phenomenal seasons. The boys managed to fight through conference play by beating Nelson County and Wilson to advance to the conference final against East Rockingham. The boys managed to go to East Rock and take home the conference title in a nail-biter; however, the boys then moved on to regional play where they faced a heart-breaking loss against Page County. The girls basketball season continued a little longer after they were able to defeat George Mason in the first round of regional play! The girls basketball team then traveled to the Eastern Shore where they dominated Nandua High School. Unfortunately, the Lee Ladies suffered a heart-breaking loss against Wilson Memorial this past weekend which brought their season to an end.

Although the basketbaDisplaying IMG_0490.JPGll season is extremely exciting, March is here meaning the spring sports season is also here with it. The warmth brings sports back outdoors with the beginning of soccer, softball, baseball, track and tennis. Scrimmages for baseball, soccer and softball begin as early as next Monday. Baseball and softball face off against Stuarts Draft while boys and girls soccer will be up against Parry McCluer. Furthermore,  starting this season, the girls and boys soccer teams will be playing at the football field at Gypsy Hill Park! So make sure to come out and see all the amazing Lee High spring sports teams this season!


Oscar Winners

By Chelsea Church

Displaying photo.JPG
Students act out an actress standing with an Oscar award.

On February 22, the Oscar winners of 2015 were revealed. There were over 20 categories covering every aspect of the movie production business. The biggest categories are Best Picture, Best Leading Actress, and Best Leading Actor. Nominees for Best Picture were American Sniper, The Imitation Game, Selma, Birdman, The Theory of Everything, Boyhood, Whiplash, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. The award went to Birdman. The nominees for best actress were Marion Cotillard, Rosamund Pike, Felicity Jones, Julianne Moore, and Reese Witherspoon. Julianne Moore came out on top as best leading actress in the movie Still Alice. The nominees for best leading actor were Eddie Redmayne, Steve Carell, Michael Keaton, Bradley Cooper, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Eddie Redmayne was awarded best leading actor for his role in The Theory of Everything. The people of America voted for these and determined which would come out on top. The Oscars are always a huge and important night in the world of celebrities. Although winning an Oscar is exciting for the nominees, it is an even bigger deal for the studios. Offers pour in one after another after an actor/actress wins an award.

Life at Gov School

By: Jordan Huffer

My name is Jordan Huffer and I am a junior in the theatre program at the Shenandoah Valley Regional Governor’s School. Life at Gov School is much different than life at Lee, especially being in the theatre program. There is a lot of freedom and a lot of work. I take four classes at Gov School- Acting I, Intro to Theatre, Crafts and Skills, and Humanities I. Many people believe the theatre program to be very laid back and easy, but that is not the case. We have homework on a nightly basis, and work very hard while we are in class. Our projects and work requirements are unique, but still difficult to accomplish. Even though there is a strong workload, since acting is something I enjoy very much, the workload doesn’t seem so bad. It’s a lot easier to get something done when you enjoy what you’re doing. I highly recommend Gov School to anyone thinking to apply! It is a wonderful experience and a great time.

Portrait Photography

By: Olivia Perry

There are a few major things to think about when you are practicing portrait photography. An issue many people run into with shooting portraits is under-exposure. This problem tends to become more noticeable when shooting close ups. Changing your exposure compensation can be an easy fix. It is also very important to set a wide aperture at around f/2.8-f/5.6 in order to capture a clear close up with a softly blurred background, this helps make the person stand out better. People tend to move around, blink, talk, etcetera while getting their picture taken, especially children. To avoid this you can up your shutter speed. This will prevent blur resulting from constant motion.

Restaurant review

By: Jaylen Williams

Shenandoah Pizza is probably one of my favorite places to eat at in downtown Staunton, VA. They are located at 19 E Beverley St, Staunton, VA 24401 . The pizza is amazing and they have great deals and  prices. The only upsetting thing about Shenandoah Pizza is that they’re closed on Mondays. While you’re enjoying a wonderful meal, Shenandoah also has regular live music. Shenandoah has some of the fastest service downtown in my opinion, and has very fresh ingredients. If you have never been anywhere downtown try Shenandoah first. You won’t be disappointed.

What’s It Like to be a Senior?

By: Claire Venn

Hey Seniors! Can you really believe it?Displaying IMG_4338.PNG Right now we are more than halfway through our senior year. Three more months and a new chapter of our life will begin. We never thought that this moment would be here so soon, and now most of us are ready to bust through those doors and never come back. What does it mean to be a senior?

Personally, I, Claire Venn, think that becoming a senior did not feel real until second semester, when deciding the next four years of my life was my biggest priority. Being a senior is hoping that you are a good enough role model for the younger members on your sports team, and stepping up to the plate of being a senior leader/captain for your last season of high school soccer.

Trying your best to try and look presentable at least one day of the week, and making it to school on time everyday is a constant struggle. As seniors, once we have gotten accepted and decided on our next home, we want to drop everything and go take a nap until the day of graduation. Being a senior is stressful, while also so great at the same time.

Looking back at the last four years, I never thought I would have come this far, and now I want to enjoy every single moment right here and right now. Every senior realizes that their high school career has come to an end at different points of the year, but more than half of us have been ready since sophomore year.

So when you freshmen, sophomores, and especially you juniors start your senior year, take everything in very slowly because your last and final year will disappear in the blink of an eye without you ever even knowing.

Spring Fashion Tips!

By: Lela Garten

We all are waiting for the warmer spring weather. With this new weather coming we all need to change how we dress. My biggest tip for this spring is wear layers. Lots and lots of layers. Typically, it’s still chilly in the morning and gets way too warm by the end of the day. Cardigans are a great way to layer your outfits without making it too warm.

Spring is also the time to break out your favorite sandals. Transitioning a winter outfit to a spring one is so simple! Instead of boots, throw on a pair of sandals. Sandals aren’t your thing? Try patterned flats! Instead of a long sleeved shirt, opt for a tank top with a cardigan. Calling for a little chillier weather? Still throw on a scarf! Just try for more floral patterned scarves or ones with a more airy look to it rather than knitted.

Now’s the time of year to bring out colorful clothing. Pastels, florals, sun dresses, the whole nine yards. Spring is supposed to be a bright time. All of the plants are coming back to life and blooming, your style should reflect this same concept. Keep your staple pieces such as jeans, cardigans, shoes, but be sure to add a pop of color!

Spring is that awkward time where it’s too cold for shorts and too hot for jeans. Wearing capris is a given. They’re not too short and not too long. They’re very comfortable and can make any outfit much more spring like. If you’re going for a more comfortable look, try shorts with a sweatshirt! The sweatshirt will keep you warm while the shorts will prevent you from getting too hot. Track shorts are my favorite comfortable piece in the spring. I recommend getting some with fun colors! Pair those with a sweatshirt and fun tennis shoes and you’ve got a very comfortable spring outfit!

Spring Makeup Ideas

By: Abbey Kincheloe

Spring is a tricky season in makeup world. It’s right after winter, so there are still temptations to layer on the foundation and have fun with the eyeliner. It’s not quite summer, but there are still temptations to wear no makeup at all…it’s easier that way, right? If you can sport the no makeup look year round, I respect you more than you could possibly know. If you’re more like me and you like to wear makeup but you want to always be in with the fads, have no fear! I can help you out.

Here are two easy suggestions!

  1. Enhance your natural beauty with minimal makeup!91

Try to use less foundation in order to make your skin seem a little airier, use a pink colored blush to make your cheekbones nice and prominent without looking like a doll, and apply a small amount of mascara to make your eyes POP!

  1.  Lots on the top, less on the bottom!92

A common trick I like to use in order to make my face seem more natural and light, is to apply eye makeup to the top of my eye, but not the bottom. By applying eyeliner, a darker eyeshadow, and mascara on the top area and leaving your bottom bare, the face seems overall healthier and more springy!

*Tip of the week: If you are tired because you have had to wake up at 6:00am for the past couple days and you aren’t used to it, here’s a nifty trick!

Put red lipstick on the unsightly bags under your eyes. Then blend the lipstick with cover up or foundation! Poof! You look like you have gotten a full 8 hours of sleep!*


The following artwork was created by students in art classes at Robert E. Lee High School.
Displaying Emily Hite grade 10.jpg
Emily Hite Grade 10
Displaying MacKensie Bowles grade 9.jpg
MacKensie Bowles Grade 9
Displaying Savannah Faith Clark Grade 10.jpg
Savannah Faith Clark Grade 10
Displaying Jonathon Jordan grade 10.jpg
Jonathon Jordan Grade 10
Displaying Eyan Byrd grade 11.jpg
Eyan Byrd Grade 11


Displaying Emily Johnson grade 9_picmonkeyed.jpg
Emily Johnson Grade 9


Displaying Ashley Brogan grade 12.jpg
Ashley Brogan Grade 12


Displaying Brianna Bosserman grade 10.jpg
Brianna Bosserman Grade 10

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