Robert E. Lee High School’s

The Traveller

Issue #7 

February 2014-2015

Articles written by the students of Mr. Brown’s Photojournalism classes. Edited and uploaded by Lee High Senior Emma Sue Sims.


In memory of a man many loved and many will miss.

Sports journalist whose battle with cancer ended in a national tragedy.
Stuart Scott, a sports journalist whose battle with cancer ended in a national tragedy.

Stuart Scott: An Inspiration

By: Gunner Cook

Stuart Scott passed away January 4th, 2015 after battling cancer for seven years. Stuart grew up in North Carolina. He stayed in the Tar Heel state and from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He joined ESPN in 1993 after spending time working at smaller broadcasting companies. He was called a trailblazer as an anchor; not only because he was African American, but because of his style and swagger. Stuart was sometimes criticized and often praised. He broke the mold as a journalist. He had two daughters who were from a marriage that lasted from 1993 to 2007. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and had surgeries to remove his appendix and part of his colon. He will be most remembered for his speech at the ESPYs this past year.

School Spirit at Basketball Games

By: Jaylen Williams

school spirit.bmp
Student Section at a basketball game

Robert E. Lee High School students love to attend home basketball games because they are full of fun. Everyone yells and has fun with their friends, so why wouldn’t students want to attend the games? Compared to most schools in the valley, Lee has an outstanding student section. The Pep Club is in charge of assigning specific colors for students to wear at different games which give the students an element of unity. Students also practice chants to yell at different points of the game. One of the reasons to continue the student section is to get the various sports teams fired up. Though the Lee teams may not win every game, they definitely have the support of the student body. Student sections give students a chance to come together and to work as one. Hopefully these powerful student sections can continue in the future.         

Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Quinoa For Two

By: Kat Carr

1 cup of quinoa

2 cups of nonfat milk

1 pinch of salt

3 tablespoons of maple syrup

½ of zested lemon

1 cup of of blueberries

2 teaspoons of flaxseed


  1. Rinse the quinoa in a strainer with cold water to remove the bitterness until the water runs clean without frothiness.
  2. Heat the milk in a saucepan over the stove on medium until warm for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Stir the quinoa and salt into the milk and allow it to simmer medium-low heat for about 20 minutes or until the liquid is absorbed.
  4. After removing the saucepan off of the burner, stir the maple syrup and the lemon zest into the quinoa mix.
  5. Add the blueberries and fold them in the quinoa mix.
  6. Divide the quinoa mix between two bowls
  7. Sprinkle the 1 teaspoon of flax seed on top of each bowl and serve!

Two Study Articles to Help You Get Those Grades Up!

Studying Tips

(that you may actually use!)

By: Lela Garten

We all know how difficult studying for tests can be. It’s beyond stressful. We never can find the motivation or the techniques that actually work. Luckily, I have a few easy techniques you can do yourself to help you ace that pesky test.

First, put away your electronic devices! Use them as incentives. Give yourself a couple breaks and allow yourself to use them then. If you don’t know someone is trying to contact you, it’s much easier to focus. However, using the devices for background music is okay.

Second, use your notes! Rewriting your notes may seem excessive, but if you’re writing them, you are also reading them. Make sure when you rewrite them you highlight key terms and points you know you need to look over. Color coding things always makes them more exciting!

Third, use mnemonic devices. Its so much easier to remember things you made more exciting…or even funny! Whats easier to remember? Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally or the order of operations of math? Exactly. You’ll remember that on the test too.

Fourth, make flashcards! I promise you this actually works. It allows you to actually memorize the materials you must know for the test. You can decorate them however you please as well. Maybe that flower sticker you put on the word “mnemonic” will stick in your mind and sparks your memory of the definition of “a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.” Bam! Got number 11 right on that English test you took Friday.

Lastly, food. It’s much more satisfying knowing you can eat that leftover pasta in the fridge after you study for three hours. A full stomach is a full mind. You cannot work without energy! Don’t over do it. You need breaks, food filled breaks.

Hopefully these small tips actually help you ace that test you have next Wednesday… start studying!

Last Minute Exam Study Tips

By: Alex Deaton

One of the better best tricks for last minute studying is to look over everything the last 60 seconds before the exam is handed out and trying to get the last look up until you get the exam. While it isn’t a perfect plan, it gets you a better score than if you hadn’t.

Everyone has heard of different study methods like:

  1. Flashcards
  2. reading out loud
  3. Quizzing yourself
  4. Reviewing notes

If these work for you, then that’s great, but for last minute studying these may not work. Something such as rewarding yourself for getting a few questions right and ridiculing yourself for getting a few wrong.

Things you can do while studying include:

  1. Listening to music
  2. Eating
  3. Hobbies
  4. Watching TV

Things NOT to do while studying:

  1. Texting
  2. Using social media
  3. Playing games on phone/computer
  4. Talking with friends

Using these tips could mean the difference between passing and failing, Good luck!

Animal Abuse at the Natural Bridge Zoo

By: Chelsea Church

The Natural Bridge Zoo, home to many loved animals, was reported to be inhumane after a months-long undercover investigation. The investigator shared findings of an underweight giraffe, a camel whose neck was jammed between a gate and a wall, and a monkey that consumed rat poison. Sadly, these animals and many more are being affected by poor zoo keeping. If this is not put to a stop, the number of animal deaths will

The owner of the zoo, Karl Mogensen, denies all of the accusations against his zoo and says the slandering is just “vicious propaganda” to raise donations for animal protection groups. Although this may be a valid argument, Mogensen has had his federal zookeeper’s license suspended in 1994 and in 2007 for violating the Animal Welfare Act (Associated Press). It is hard to know what to believe. Especially since, another side of the story was released.

Mogensen shared that a young girl, Whitney Warrington, applied for a job at the zoo over the summer. She did not get the job; however, she did become friends with the owner’s daughter, Gretchen, who had her volunteer at the zoo which lead to her eventually working at the zoo gift shop. Warrington spent a lot of time in the Mogensen home. She always wore clothes that could hide recording equipment. She would selectively film anything that could be portrayed has animal abuse. Soon after Warrington left to supposedly take care of her mother, the zoo was bombarded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Inspectors and investigators spent five days going over anything that has happened at the zoo (WSLS 10 Staff).

Were all of these alleged animal abuse accusations just a way to raise money for the animal protection groups, or are the animals at the Natural Bridge Zoo in serious trouble? Warrington says abuse, but Mogensen says it is all lies. It is hard to tell which story to believe, but for the sake of the animals, something must be done. Whether investigators can show that the animals are actually well taken care of, or that the zoo needs to be shut down so that they can be given the proper treatment for living a happy life. Attention needs to be taken off of Mogensen and Warrington and put on the animals to find out what their best interest is. Animal abuse is not okay, but neither is slandering someone’s reputation to make a little extra money.


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By: Mari-Peyton Kouchinsky

“Amphora Wave Stock Photos and Images.” 123RF Stock Photos. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2015.

Aquarius: January was a difficult month for you, but February is looking up! Take Febuary to work on your relationships and reconnect with old friends and family members. Valentine’s Day is coming up and stay optimistic because there is something special coming your way. If you are in a relationship now, take the time to spend together because you might not have it in March. February is a month to work on your relationships with others and decide who is worth the time you are spending on them. The hard months are over and the good times should start rolling your way. Be patient! This is not a very good month for money so stay frugal. Start the year off right by rekindling relationships and friendships, saving money, and staying optimistic.

Key Club at Robert E. Lee High School

By: Ruthie Schultz

Key Club is a high school chapter of the Kiwanis Club, an organization dedicated in aiding the children and the community of which they take part. The Kiwanis club in Staunton was created in 1922 and has been giving back to the community ever since. The Key Club chapter at Robert E. Lee is sponsored by Jackie Kurtz, a teacher both at Shelburne and at Lee High School. The club consists of about 25 students and meets every month or so to plan events to aid our school, community, and our glob

Key club members ready to help at the Christmas parade
Key club members ready to help at the Christmas parade

al initiative- Stop Hunger Now.

This fall and winter, Key Club has put on several events. The first was for our school. Every member brought a dish and we set up a tailgate before our homecoming football game which helped boost morale on that cold, wet night. The second event put on by Key Club was a blood drive. Many

Key Club officers stuffing candy grams with Mrs. Kurtz
Key Club officers stuffing candy grams with Mrs. Kurtz

students gave blood and key club members were near-by both to organize and help the donors. Key Club members, in collaboration with Kiwanis, helped to put on the Christmas Parade on December 1st. Members lined up the floats and helped answer the questions of participants to ensure the event ran smoothly. The final project Key club has done this winter was making “candy grams” for residents in a local nursing home. Members stuffed bags with festive candies and attached a holiday greeting on each bag.

Key Club members are very excited for events coming up this spring. In the past, Key Club has held a large event in the spring to raise money for our global initiative, often times it has been dodgeball tournaments, but this year key club is trying something new: a dance for the students of Lee. The dance will be almost entirely student run, with a student DJ and Key Club members decorating and planning the dance. This dance is set to take place at Robert E. Lee High school on March 7th from 7 to 11pm. It will cost five dollars to get in and all proceeds will be donated to Stop Hunger Now. Key club is busy planning for this event and we are hoping for a great turnout.

Thai Staunton Restaurant

By: Olivia Perry


Just recently, a new restaurant called Thai Staunton opened up on Greenville Avenue. This little restaurant is a family owned business that offers authentic recipes that descended from their family back in Thailand. Luckily, the family was able to take over and completely restore the run down building that was previously known as the 88 Buffet. 88 Buffet had been vacant for over two years and was slowly becoming more and more deteriothairated. Owners Kit and Hopple also own a restaurant in Culpeper and two restaurants in Winchester; they decided Staunton would be the perfect location to extend their business. So far Thai Staunton has been doing great, bringing in more business to the city of Staunton. As of right now Thai Staunton has been rated five stars out of forty four reviews.


Peters, Laura. “New Thai Restaurant Coming to Staunton.” The News Leader.

The News Leader, 5 Dec. 2014. Web. 27 Jan. 2015.

Interview With a Student Teacher

By: Philipp Grau

I interviewed Allison Cline, a student teacher currently working with Jarrett Hatcher. Miss Cline is student teaching at Lee in Government, Practical Law, and Honors History. Miss Cline and Coach Hatcher are working together to help her learn classroom management and instructional planning. Before they could teach together, Cline had to observe Coach Hatcher for five weeks, she said,  in order to learn from him. She is already in her fifth week and now is preparing to teach on her own. She is from Mary Baldwin College which is located in downtown Staunton, VA. She is 22 and from Charles, PA. She actually studied History and Education which makes it really good  for her to experiment and teach at Lee. I asked her whether shkklke likes Lee and she explained that she did because Lee welcomed her like family. I had her last Semester for about two weeks. It was not hard to welcome her because Coach Hatcher introduced her for us really well. Miss Cline’s favorite part of Lee is the students, “This kids are awesome, funny, and I just love to work with them”. I asked her if she had any advice for students applying to college, and she said, “Go to college where you can have the best four years for your life and the best education too. College is a good idea”. I asked her for how many colleges she applied to out of high school, and she said a total of six colleges. Two were in Virginia, one in Maryland, and three in Pennsylvania. She got accepted to all six Colleges. I asked her if there was anything interesting about her education, and she said she has a 3.9 GPA. She also had four years of German in High School which is awesome, I think, because I am from Germany. She said she ultimately chose Mary Baldwin because they offered her a great scholarship,  which is lucky for us, I think, because she is so nice and she is going have a really good time here at Lee. Miss Cline is going to be here until the last week before Spring Break. If you do not know her just come to Hatcher’s room which is 132 and introduce yourself and welcome her. If you see her in the hallway don’t forget to say hello and wish her a good day.

Lee High Academic Team

By: Hunter Purcell

While most people are focused on the achievements of the various winter sports like basketball and indoor track, there is another team at Lee currently doing great things: the academic team! The academic team very quietly won the conference meet at Riverheads on January 17. Though they started off with a first round lost, they then had to fight their way through the double elimination tournament all the way to the championship match. The match was against the hosting gladiators, and the fighting Leemen easily came out on top. For those you not too familiar with the format of academic team events, the academic team is split into three separateacademic team teams. The three separate teams, A, B and C, are filled with students from Lee who strive to learn as much as possible. Team A is the team that came out victorious at the last meet and this team consists of Michael Laterza, Emma Diduch, Caty Van Assendelft, Ailec Wu, Gus Holberg and Bryce Golson.

Academic team is a fun activity for students looking to spend time with their friends while simultaneously learning and competing against other schools. If you ask Emma Diduch, a junior at R.E Lee and a member of academic team since her freshman year, about how the team functions she might tell you something along the lines of, “It’s fun, random, and challenging. It serves as an outlet for the useless and useful information we have stored in our brains.” For this reason, Mr. Terry, one of the team’s coaches, tries his best to bring in motivated students stating the following: “I try to create an environment full of interested students excited about learning and competition. I challenge myself to keep up with them.” Although this team is very serious, there is some room for laughter as Gus Hollberg takes a more humorous stance on the team saying, “Academic Team keeps us off the streets so we don’t commit crimes.”The academic team will compete next at the regional competition on Saturday, February 7th. For anyone interested in attending, the meet will be held at Luray at noon, and if you see any of the members of the team before they take the stage make sure to wish them good luck and congratulate them on making it this far in the playoffs!

Winter Sports Update

By: Willson Baxley

Lee High’s athletic department has been having a great year so far, and many of these winter athletes are preparing to head to conferences as they wrap up their final games and matches of the season. The Lee Ladies JV basketball team has had a great season so far, and as of Thursday their record is 9-6. These young Lee Ladies are anxious to keep improving their game as they prepare to take the next step on varsity next year. The Lee Ladies Varsity team has had a rollercoaster season with their record standing at 6-10. These ladies have had a tough season so far and hope to get prove the region that they are better than what the record shows in the postseason.

The Leemen JV basketball team has started off with a 7-4 record for the season so far, and these young men hope to win out for the next few weeks; moreover, this young group is also anxious to get under the coaching expertise of Coach Hatcher next basketball season. The Leemen varsity team has also taken a tumble throughout their season with a record standing at 7-9, but these Leemen aren’t looking to end their season as they look forward to conferences coming up in the early weeks of February. Lee High’s Indoor Track team is looking forward to their conference meet coming up this week on Saturday, February 7, so we want to give them the best of luck as they begin to make their final push for a state champion.


By: Kat Carr


“Hey do you want to join forensics?” At Lee High you can frequently hear Brian Shutt yelling this at students as they pass him in the halls. Mr. Shutt, however, was not always the sponsor for forensics. Ms. Durham, a 9th grade honors and AP English teacher, was in charge of it from a few years until she was unable to one year and asked Mr. Shutt to sub in for her. After a decent first season Mr. Shutt became permanent leader and has done well since. In a recent interview with him, Mr. Shutt discusses the past couple of seasons and his goals and aspirations for the future.

“My first impression was I had no idea what I was doing. I was just trying to survive as the teacher and get through the season as best as we could as a team. I thought it was all about dead bodies at first; however, I had done Forensics in high school including creative writing, but that is no longer available here at Lee,” according to Shutt. “After a successful first year we started winning the local meets and sent a few people to the State competition back in 2012-2013,” he says. “Before the beginning of my second year coaching I started doing more research and figuring out ways to improve the team even more.” Mr. Shutt discussed the categories, which the students can choose from and use for their performance. “There’s a speech, a current event persuasive speech, working with a friend and doing a duo piece. There is generally a limited amount of space being used, so props and costumes are not allowed,” says Shutt. “My favorite of all of the categories is the story  telling. You basically have to recite or tell a story to the audience as if they don’t know the story. You can present really anything like King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table or the Sword in the Stone. Some people go traditional and some stick to a more modern story. Although there is a certshuttain amount of time to present, it’s really about making the story your own,” says Shutt. Shutt discusses his new students one of his returning students Victoria Nay. “Victoria is very talented. Starting as a freshman she’s gone to the state competition two times in a row. This year she is a junior and hopefully she’ll make it once again and take more people along with her.”

There are other students who sign up, but they’re involved in so many other after-school activities and it makes it more difficult for them to make it to the practices. “The conference is a little bit easier this year than it has been the past few years, but Buffalo Gap will be tough to beat,” says Shutt. He also expresses that it would be nice if the team made it to the state competition again and with the larger amount of students participating this year, the odds are a lot better; however, it’s not that easy, only the top three in each category will advance to the regional competition, then the top three teams advance to the state competition. The conference competition is February 18th at Lee, the region one will be two weeks after, and the state competition will be March 28th.

Helping the Environment: One Bottle at a Time

By: Angela Bailey

There are over 50 billion bottles of water consumed every year. Out of these water bottles, more than 10 percent end up polluting the ocean. Two Lee High students heard about this problem and decided that they wanted to contribute to a positive change for the environment. Juniors Keelin Wolfe and Virginia Kilbourne made the effort to figure out a way that Lee High SchoJ waterol could cut back on our water bottle use.

The idea for the new fountains stemmed from an environmental project that was assigned by Mr. Ennis to his 11th grade AP English class. Wolfe, a competitive swimmer, wanted to figure out a better way to stay hydrated along with decreasing the amount of plastic bottles used.  The two students figured that these water bottle-friendly fountains would provide better drinking water while also preventing pollution. The students took their idea to Linda Reviea, the Superintendent of Staunton City Schools. The idea was put in full swing, and within weeks, the new fountains were being put in every hallway around the school. The fountains include a special system that fills water bottles automatically. These new fountains have proven to be a big hit with all the students at Lee. In just one day, over 10,115 plastic bottles have been saved even before the school day is finished.

The students at Lee are happy to make a positive difference for the environment. Thank you to the two students that contributed their great idea for the new fountains to be put in place! Robert E. Lee is helping prevent pollution one bottle at a time!

The Addams FamLEE

By: Natalie Fitzgerald


Since the beginning of January, the Lee High Drama Department has been viciously and vigorously rehearsing for their upcoming musical set to open in March: The Addams Family. Full disclosure, it’s going to be great! Here’s an inside peek at the cast list!

Principle Roles:

Gomez Addams:  Graham McDowell

Morticia Addams:  Victoria Nay

Uncle Fester:  Nate Larramoremu2

Grandma:  Sessalee Casson

Wednesday Addams:  Kylie Nabers

Pugsley Addams:  Ashlyn Via

Lurch: Dr. Rowicki

Mal Beineke:  Emil Ljubovic

Alice Beineke:  Oshie Mellon

Lucas Beineke:  Logan Davenport

The Ancestors:

The Saloon Girl:  Abbey Kincheloe

The Victorian:  Donovan Mellon

The Flapper:  Abigail Johnson

The Indian Girl:  Natalie Fitzgerald

The Caveman:  Samantha Powell

The Conquistador: Deshawn Waddy

The Bride:  Shajaesza Diggs

The Stewardess:  Kyla Herndonmusical

The Pirate:  Callie Bandy

The Ballerina:  Khristina Mellon

The Prince:  Devin Mauzy

The Poodle Skirt Girl:  Cearra Taylor

The Cowgirl:  Emma Sampson

The Doctor:  Philipp Grau

The Grunge Girl:  Nora Oechslin

The Hippie:  Kyle Legore

The Magician: Jake Morris

Special Guest: Jarrett Hatcher

Yes, you read that correctly. Lee High’s own Principal Dr. Mark Rowicki is playing the character Lurch. If this isn’t a huge incentive to come see this musical, I don’t know what is! Also starring in the musical is an eighth grader from Shelburne: Jake Morris. Everyone is very excited that he is joining the drama department, increasing the number of males in the club. Alongside Jake and Dr. Rowicki, the show is also starring Coach Jarrett Hatcher with a role that will not be disclosed until opening night.

I hope everyone decides to come see this musical because it’s definitely going to be spectacular!

The New and Improved School Newspaper

By: Abbey Kincheloe

Robert E. Lee High School has had a school paper since 2011, it has always been successful and students have always thoroughly enjoyed it. Although The Traveller has always been a student interest, times are changing. This year, Emma Sue Sims has lead the charge to ensure that the school paper appeal’s to the student body. This year, The Traveller is now a website! Emma Sue wants to major in journalism when she begins attending Vcropped-traveller-logo.pngCU in the fall. She decided this year that the perfect way to practice her future profession was to turn the Lee High paper into a website! Both Emma Sue and Mr. Brown were aware that Lee High hasn’t always received the positive press that it deserves. They both felt that making the website accessible to the public would allow for good news to be more readily available.

When this project originally began, it had a bit of a rough start. Maybe it was the newness of the website, maybe it was the lack of of advertising, but either way the new Traveller website was not as successful as the photojournalism class, who had been assigned to work the paper, had hoped. Although this frustrated the class, it also inspired them. At the beginning of this new semester, Emma Sue decided she wanted to make The Traveller better than it had ever been before. She updated the website and decided to change some of the article ideas. Already, views are boosting, and people are following the paper that do not attend Lee.

This paper is an exciting start to a new era, and Emma Sue and the photojournalism class hope you can join them in creating a more positive image for our high school. See you at

“It will just keep getting better and better!” -Emma Sue

The State of the Union Address

By: Alex Deaton

At the state of the union address this January, President Obama, said this:

“By the end of this decade, two in three job openings will require some higher education.  Two in three.  And yet, we still live in a country where too many bright, striving Americans are priced out of the education they need.  It’s not fair to them, and it’s not smart for our future.

That’s why I am sending this Congress a bold new plan to lower the cost of community college – to zero.”

This has direct effects on the students here at Lee. The new opportunity of free community college would give people the chance to get a higher education that would have never been able to afford it otherwise. This would also give people who never went to college the chance to go back and get a degree.

The President also talked about things such as:

  1. Gas prices
  2. The minimum wage
  3. Climate change

Along with other things.

During one part he said that he would not be running for reelection, which prompted cheers from the republicans only to be replaced by cheers from the democrats after he said “I know because I won both of them.”


   By:  Claire Venn

In today’s fashion world, many styles that were popular in the 80’s and 90’s are starting to make a comeback. Personally, I think that many of the men and women’s styles are very fashionable.  Bean boots are now being worn; so many people have been purchasin

Claire Venn wearing her purple Hunter boots
Claire Venn wearing her purple Hunter boots

g them, and most of my friends won’t be receiving them until early April because they have been sold out. My mom even pulled a pair out of her closet from when she was younger.

It’s crazy how much today’s styles change over time. Clothing that was popular in the 80’s and 90’s is now reappearing back in today’s society. Hunter rain boots, over sized sweaters, and vests look and feel great any day of the week. These outfits are easy to throw on, comfy, while very fashionable at the same time.

Leggings are also another item of clothing that you will see most girls wearing on a daily basis. They can be worn alone, or under a comfy sweater. Riding boots are also another popular pair of shoes for women; I see many women strutting in tan, leather riding boots with colored pants, jeans, and of course leggings.

Guys are now sporting joggers and khaki pants. I have seen many guys around the school wearing sweat pant joggers with their expensive, high quality Jordan’s. Many others wear their nice khaki’s with tan/brown Clarks.

Nike Roshes are another brand of shoe that is seen on both males and fem

ales. These trendy yet comfy shoes can be worn with most any outfit, while at the same time make your feet happy. The Fashion world continually changes; new styles are being brought back and created every day. Understanding a sense of fashion brings out the personality and artistic side of a person, making them happy, while also very confident.

ISIS Takes Two Japanese Men Hostage

By: Anna Lightner

ISIS, the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, have posted multiple videos of people they have taken hostage and demanded a ransom for each one. The most recent video came out Tuesday, January 21, 2015, showing two Japanese hostages and demanding a ransom of $200 million dollars. The hostages are Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa. ISIS set a 72-hour deadline, stating that if the money was not turned in by Friday, January 23, 2015, they would execute the hostages. As the deadline drew closer, family of the hostages begged for the lives of their loved ones and Japan rushed to find a way to get the hostages safely back. However, the Friday deadline passed with no ransom being paid by the Japanese, but also with no news about the hostages. Japan wishes to free the hostages auhs soon as possible, but says it will not bend to threats. About the hostages, Kenji Goto went to Syria in order to write and get the stories out of what ISIS is doing. Haruma Yukawa went in order to gain experience in survival and combat with future plans of setting up his own security business.

Saturday, a video went out supposedly from ISIS stating that they had killed one of the hostages. Also in the video, they requested a prisoner exchange. However, the video was thought to be false.

As time goes on, more information has come about the hostages. The video that went out Saturday, January 24, 2015, is now being considered “credible.” The second Japanese hostage, Goto, was in another very recent video. In this video, Goto states that ISIS will kill him and a Jordan pilot whom ISIS captured about a month ago if they do not do a swap. The swap would be between Goto and a woman, Sajida al-Rishawi, who took part in a 2005 bombing that killed dozens of people. She is awaiting the death penalty in Jordan. Goto claims that if within 24 hours the swap has not been made, then he and the pilot will both be killed. No news has come forth regarding the state of the Jordanian pilot.

The twenty-four deadline for a swap between ISIS hostage Goto and Jordanian prisoner Saijida al-Rishawi has passed; however, a new video states that the deadline has been postponed. Both the countries of Jordan and Japan are awaiting any confirmations about the lives of Goto and the Jordanian pilot. We hope that both men will be safely returned to their homes and loved ones.



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 League of Legends

By: Lucian Kellison

Pictured are some of the League of Legends players at Lee from left to right: Dalton Dabney posing as Zed, Nate Larramore, Emil Ljubovic as Graves, Lucian Kellison as Vladimir and Gregory Purcell as Thresh.

Among the tons of hobbies of Lee High students, there are video games. Among those video games, is the online game League of Legends. There are plenty of students at Lee who spend large amounts of their free time playing this game. Within the last few years, it has grown to be the single most popular video game in the world. It’s different from most games as it requires real communication between teammates and decision making skills. The most popular game mode is a 5v5 on only one map where the ultimate goal is to make your character and team stronger through personal and team objectives in order to reach the enemy’s base and destroy a ‘Nexus.’

There are more than 120 playable characters in the game and it’s important to choose characters that work well with each other in order to perform the best. Several players at Lee use high levels of concentration when they play this game in order to win and climb the ladders of national ranks.

Yearbook Updates

By: Jordan Huffer

With theyearbooks year quickly coming to a close, a large project currently in the works are the new 2014-2015 yearbook. Yearbooks are a major part of every high school, and hold memories throughout the high school careers of every student in the building. Students work year round to give everyone the best yearbook they can give!  Seniors, we need your senior photos and baby pictures ASAP! Please get them to either Mr.Brown or Lauren Smith by Friday, February 27th if you wish to have them in the yearbook. Pictures must be submitted on a disc or portable USB.  Original pictures can also be submitted to be scanned. Don’t miss this opportunity to be in the yearbook! There are also significant numbers of 2013-2014 yearbooks left over from last year that are still for sale at a reduced price. Undamaged 2013-2014 yearbooks are only fifty dollars, and damaged ones are only twenty five. For more information on yearbooks and pictures, contact Mr.Brown, Lauren Smith, or any other member of the yearbook crew!

Chris Kyle in American Sniper

By: Logan Losh

In American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood, Bradley cooper stars as a Navy Seal- Chris Kyle the most lethal sniper in U.S. history. Based on the Book “American sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History” the movie hit theaters on January 16th, 2015 and was a huge financial success setting off numerous box office records. It is currently the highest grossing war film in North America. The Movie shows just how terrible war actually is and the awful things that soldiers experience including Post-traumatic stress disorder. All in all American Sniper was a very good movie yet some think otherwise. Not everyone seems to like this movie including Comedian Seth Rogen who compares American Sniper to Nazi propaganda.  Filmmaker Michael Moore says that snipers are cowards and that the film was “Well made but could have done a better job contextualizing the Iraq War.” Politics and whatnot aside American Sniper was well written, well directed, and had some great acting, I could not take my eyes off the screen.

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Recently, we posted a poll on the LHS Blog asking your opinion on, Should gym be a required class all 4 years? The results are in and you told us that the answer is no. 38% of voters said yes and 63% said no. Make sure to check the LHS blog daily to get your opinion in on the next poll!

Should gym be a required class all 4 years?

Answer Votes Percent
Yes 3 33%  
No 6 67%