Robert E. Lee High School’s

The Traveller

Issue #11

April  2014-2015

Articles written by the students of Mr. Brown’s Photojournalism classes. Edited and uploaded by Lee High Senior Emma Sue Sims.

This months issue Spotlights senior Mariah Hays and her entry in the Vans Custom Culture competition. We hope this issue will bring awareness to the thousands of people living without something as simple as shoes and give you more information on how you can help. Take a step into our April issue of The Traveller and learn more about the history, charities, and controversy’s of shoes.


Vans Custom Culture at Lee High School

By: Emma Sue Sims

This year, Vans is hosting their 6tDisplaying VANS 1.JPGh annual Custom Culture arts design competition. The program is designed to bring awareness to suffering art programs while giving students a creative outlet to raise money for their schools. Vans sends four pairs of white canvas Vans shoes to anyone who would like to enter the competition. Students then add any designs they want to the shoes. Senior Mariah Hays has entered the competition this year in hopes of winning the grand prize of $50,000 for Lee High School’s art program .

Van’s Custom Culture started in 2010 with only 326 participants. In the past few yeaDisplaying VANS 2.JPGrs, the number of participants has raised to 3,000. All in all, the program has raised over $400,000 for suffering art programs. While the first prize is $50,000, four of the runner up schools will also receive $4,000. In order for students to win the shoes the students design must be voted on. The public vote goes live on the Vans Custom Culture website April 24th and will be open until May 11th, so make sure you go vote.

However, it doesn’t just stop at the voting. The top five finalists will be sent to New York to be voted on by selected celebrities. As if that wasn’t enough of an opportunity already, the top 50 semi-finalists will be able to compete for $10,000 by designing a customized skateboard deck. While it is already charitable for Vans to be awarding money to school art programs, Vans will also be giving $50,000 to their non-profit partner, Americans for the Arts, and awarding special scholarships to competition contestants.

Good Luck to Mariah as her shoes are entered in the competition. The shoes that win the competition may eventually even be sold in stores. .Remember to go vote on Mariah’s shoes when the vote goes live next Friday, April 24th.



TOMS and How the Company Gives Back

By: Hannah Flavin

TOMS was founded Displaying tomz.jpgin 2006 by a man named Blake Mycoskie. Blake witnessed children in Argentina growing up without shoes on their feet. He created TOMS to give back to all those children he met and to all others that are in need of shoes. TOMS has given children shoes in more than 70 countries and has given over 35 million pairs of shoes. How does all of this work?  How exactly are these children in need benefiting?

The first way TOMS gives back is for every shoe a person purchases, a shoe is given back to a child in need of footwear. The second way they give back is through eyewear. For every pair of TOMS eye glasses purchased, a pair of prescription eyewear is given or medical treatment is given to a person in need. Next, for every TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee that is purchased, 140 liters of clean drinking water is given to a person in need. Last but not least, for every TOMS maternal bag that is bought TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need.

The TOMS company plans to further their aid to people in need and give back as much as they can with your help by purchasing any of these items. “One for One.”

Remedies for Getting Rid of Smelly Shoes

By: Claire Venn

Do your shoes continuously stink everyday after you arrive home from work or school and pull them off your feet? Most everyone’s shoes develop that awful, foul smelling odor that just seems to never go away. Here are some home remedies that will calm your nose and make your shoes happy. All of these methods to getting rid of stench and odor are fairly easy and cheap, allowing you to get rid of odor without hurting your wallet.

First off, if your shoes are machine washable, throw them in the washing machine for a detergent bath. After they have been washed thoroughly, sprinkle some baking soda in them and let them sit over night. The next morning take them outside and clap the soles togDisplaying 670px-Keep-Your-Shoes-from-Stinking-Step-10.jpgether to get rid of the excess powder. Another home remedy is to put each shoe in a sealable freezer bag, and let them sit overnight in the freezer. The cold is supposed to get rid of any fungus or odor that has developed in your shoe.

Keep in mind that your feet are the ones that need the most care. Wash your feet with antimicrobial soap, and if you really want to knock out the smell, slap some deodorant on them after your daily shower or bath. Finally, let your feet and shoes air out once in a while. If they are always trapped in sweaty shoes your feet will suffer and continue to form fungus and remain smelly.


Samaritan’s Feet

By: Jordan Mooneyham

Samaritan’s Feet is an organization that receives shoes from shoe stores and donations and sends them to people in need of shoes. The organization was started inaa Lagos, Nigeria. A missionary came up to a boy named Manny and offered him to enter a contest to win a pair of shoes. Little did the missionary know that it was Manny’s first pair of new shoes. The missionary told Manny to never give up and gave him words of encouragement.

The missionary’s advice offered a push for Manny to pursue his dreams and play basketball. He worked hard and eventually got a scholarship to a college in America to play. He then earned his Masters and Bachelors, but that wasn’t what he was heading towards; he was xxdetermined to make a difference in what he did in his life. Manny and his wife, Tracie, began Samaritan’s Feet in 2003.

Now, they continue the tradition of getting shoes in by donation and taking them to places in need. Before they give out the shoes, they wash their feet and put the shoes directly on the person in need. In 2013, they hosted nearly 500 events around the world giving away around 1.1 million pairs of shoes. Today, anyone can help by sorting shoes and putting them in the correct boxes for where they are supposed to be shipped.  You can help make a difference by volunteering with a school, family, church group, or just by yourself!


Men and High-Heels

By: Mari-Peyton Kouchinsky

High-heeled shoes are generally seen as a feminine staple for any woman’s wardrobe; however, high-heeled shoes were originally created for men. As early as the 10th century, high-heeled boots were introduced because of their added efficiency for men that rode horses. This trend started in the Persian cavalry and quickly spread to all of Europe. It was seen as a sign of wealth because it showed that a man had and could keep a horse. Upper-class women started to wear heels in the 17th century. It was not until the 18th century that men cast aside the uncomfortable and impractical fashion, and it became a woman’s shoe.

Six Facts That Everyone Should Know About Nike Inc.

By: Willson Baxley

Nike was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports, and the company acted as a distributor for the Japanese shoemaker, Asics. Blue Ribbon Sports then changed its name officially to Nike Inc. in 1971. The following six facts are important for everyone to know and you just might learn something new about the world’s most famous sports brand.Displaying Nike-OurMission_large.jpg

  1. The company was founded by the University of Oregon’s track and field coach, Bill Bowerman, and one of his middle distance runners, Phil Knight; moreover, the company only had $1,200 in the bank when they started making shoes.
  2. Co-owner and a chairman of Nike Inc., Phil Knight, originally wanted the company to be called “Dimension 6”, but Nike’s first employee, Jeff Johnson came up with the name, Nike, which is the name of the Greek goddess of Victory.
  3. Bowerman came up with the idea of the “Nike Waffle Trainer” after making waffles one morning for breakfast with his wife. He realized that the grooved pattern on the bottom of the soles would help athletes grip the track as they ran. The waffle pattern was made inside of a waffle maker beginning in 1971.
  4. Carolyn Davidson is the individual that designed the Nike swoosh logo for $35, but was later given stock that is now worth more than $650,000.
  5. Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan was inspired by a serial killer, Gary Gilmore, who said “let’s do it” before he was executed by a firing squad in 1977.
  6. The Beatles’ top hit song, Revolution, was the first ever Beatles song to be used in a TV commercial in the 1987 ad for the Nike Air Max shoes.

    Why Do We Wear Shoes?

    By: Abbey Kincheloe

    Sometimes the clothing we usually wear seems pointless. Why do I hbootssave to wear pants? Are shirts really necessary when it’s so hot outside? Why do we have to wear shoes every single day?

    Well have no fear, I am here to explain to you why shoes are an important part of our everyday life.

    1. They protect us from germs!!

    The world is full of germs!!! Do you really want you feet to be exposed to them 24/7?

    1. They give you a better grip on car pedals!!

    Many of us are driving, and our main concern is to stay out of trouble…including accidents. By wearing shoes you are helping prevent these terrible tragedies. Besides…it’s the law!

    1. Shoes help correct your posture!!

    As hard as it is to believe, shoes help correct your posture so you stop slouching so much and your back feels better.

    1. Shoes protect your feet!!

    No one really wants to walk around and step on rocks or get splinters…wear shoes!

    1. Shoes can be super cute!!

    In high school, it’s easy to feel as if you don’t know who you are. Shoes can help you find yourself in this hard environment!!

    Today’s Sole Style

    By: Angela Bailey

    Many shoe trends have been set tshoeshoehroughout the years. Things such as furry boots, gel shoes, moon shoes, and everyone’s favorite, Heelys, have been shoe fads of the past. Times have changed and so have the style of shoes.

    Hunter boots, a brand of rain boots, are the “in” style. These boots run at about $130 a pair. Toms, shoes that come in the style of flats and heels, are durable and range from $40-$75. Wedges are the style to wear this summer. They are often paired with dresses or skirts. For boys Toms work with khakis. Nike and Sperry are two brands that have survived many years in the spotlight. Nike is the leading choice in athletic wear, and Sperrys are always the go-to shoe. Vans and Jack Rogers are two brands that have become highly trendy over the past year. High heels are always a great choice to look classy for girls, and everyone knows about the obsession over Jordans for guys. All of these trendy styles are acceptable footwear.

    Shoes Through the Ages

    By: Chelsea Church

    Shoes have changed a lot of over the years. Taking it back to the 60’s where go-go boots were groovy. These were worn with mini skirts and hot pants which were worn as a statement of breaking away from old, conservative ways. People got funky in the 70’s by wearing disco shoes, platform high heels, and moccasins. Jelly shoes were hip in the 80’s. Reebok high tops and Converse were also popular in the 80’s. A lot of people got interested in rollerblading in the 90’s. Reebok Pumps were also pretty rad in 90’s. These were basketball shoes that had a pump up mechanism on the front tongue which inflated and provided cushion and let air out. These were first brought to spotlight by NBA star Dee Brown. Heelys broke out in 2008. These were very popular to kids everywhere. 2015 has many shoe trends old and new. People are rocking Sperry’s, Vans, moccasins, and one of the newer trends, Toms. Shoes always find their way back to the surface and become popular again after sometime. It will be exciting to see what new shoe fashions will come out in the future.



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