Robert E. Lee High School’s

The Traveller

Issue #10

Spring Break Mini Edition

March  2014-2015

Articles written by the students of Mr. Brown’s Photojournalism classes. Edited and uploaded by Lee High Senior Emma Sue Sims.
Teacher of the Year
By: Chelsea Church
Lee High’s own Mr.Will O’Brien was named teacher of the year for the 2014-2015 term. He notes this honor as his greatest accomplishment of his teaching career. The award is given to a teacher whose colleagues think best deserves it. He does not know exactly what he did different this year than in previous years to receive this award, but he is more than appreciative of the award.
Mr. O’Brien has been teaching for four years. He teaches geometry and algebra.  O’Brien said he would also like to teach culinary arts if he could, but ultimately he likes working with high school kids and seeing them succeed. “Graduations are always memorable,” O’Brien says. He also comments by saying that the key to being a successful teacher is “just being patient.” Not everyone can do what these teachers do.
It takes someone strong minded and patient as well as being someone the students can relate with to be a good teacher. O’brien is a wonderful teacher and he is very deserving of the teacher of the year award. Congratulations Mr. O’Brien! Lee High appreciates the work you do and is hopeful you will continue doing what you do best.


 Gown Styles and Colors at Prom 2015

By: Hannah Flavin

So, what exactly is Displaying dress.jpgeveryone wearing to prom this year? That is the big question that so many people are trying to figure out. What are the colors and the styles that all the women will be wearing? That’s the scoop that I’m going to let you in on.

To start,  two piece gowns have become extremely popular lately. Also higher neck lined dresses seem to get picked  over lower cut dresses nowadays. Solid colored dresses have also become popular, and the floral and patterned dresses that were once favored are not as likely to be chosen. Tighter gowns are a top pick for many high schoolers. Mermaid style gowns are also extremely well liked.

At prom this year, many people will be wearing neutral colors such as black, white, and beige. Most will have on long, form fitting gowns with most of the beading and detail around the neckline of the dress. Dresses with the back cut out or drooped will show up at prom a lot. Long sleeved dresses will also make an appearance as well as dresses covered in sequins. No matter which dress you choose, ladies you will all look stunning!

Gypsy Hill Park

By: Jaylen Williams

Gypsy Hill park is the most attended park in Staunton, VA. You can literally do anything you want there. From balling like a champ to swimming with the neighborhood children. Even though there is a lot of drama, overall the park is a wonderful place to be.There is always weekly events during certain seasons such as: praise in the park, movie night, and jazz in the park. During the winter and the fall they have lights on display. There is also a National guard base in the park.

The Addams Family

By: Jordan Huffer

This past weekend Robert E. Lee High School presented their spring musical, “The Addams Family”.  This musical was full of fun, great laughs, and a ton of hard work. The show ran Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon with great crowds at each performance, People couldn’t get enough of this show! The plot of the show is little Wednesday Addams is all grown up, and falls in love with a “normal” boy. The conflict arises when this boy, Lucas, and his parents come by for dinner so the family’s can meet. The combination of a ring, a judgmental mother, secrets in the house, and help from the dead ancestors of the Addams made for an amazing musical and a fantastic time!

Mr. Lee

By: Abbey Kincheloe

This month, an exciting event happened at Lee High! An event that Lee High students wait for all year-the Mr. Lee Competition! The competition was fierce. The freshmen came in worried since they hadn’t done it before, the sophomores walked into the auditorium thinking they could win it all, the juniors were hoping they could come out with something, and the seniors were ready to finally dominate. This was an exciting year for all the grades, but in the end, sophomore, Jacob Warner, came through with the dub as the new Mr. Lee. For Almost-Mr.Lee, we had the first ever tie between juniors, Dylan Wimer and Devin Mauzy.

The goal of this competition was to raise money for different fundraisers. Originally, each class picked a different fundraiser, but as a whole, the classes decided to donate their money to the Babbie Bringman Scholarship Fund. Ms. Bringman was a teacher at Lee who retired in 2012. It has been said that she was a “classy woman, who always had a smile on her face.” be in the Championship game against Duke.

Starbucks-”Race Together”

By: Claire Venn

“Starbucks’ controversial campaign that encouraged baristas to talk about race relations with customers has been scaled back.” Starbucks employees have now been told that they are not allowed to put “Race Together” on their merchandise. Employees were encouraged to talk with their customers about the different races as a way to connect with them. Critics stated that Starbucks used racial tension to sell coffee. This problem has apparently offended some customers, and I think that the company is worried about losing many of their customers.

As a customer myself, I do not think that this is a major  problem for the Starbucks Company. Of course, companies will never be able to please everyone. Employees were just trying to keep a conversation with their customer and I personally do not see why the company was banned from using the slogan.

Going through multiple articles and hearing different opinions from others did make me understand one reason why the company might ban this slogan. Customers are usually in a hurry trying to get to work on time either going through the drive-thru or standing in a line at Starbucks. In all honesty, most customers will not care whether you keep a full conversation or not. All companies want to fulfill their customers satisfactions and hope that great services bring them back. I will continue to purchase my favorite drink at Starbucks no matter the outcome, and I know that most customers will as well.


Spring Break 2015

By: Jordan Mooneyham

Need any ideas for Spring Break 2015 because you’re stuck in Staunton?

  1. Go shopping downtown! There are plenty of fun shops to go in and explore!
  2. Don’t like shopping? Spend the day downtown. There are tons of tourist attractions.
  3. Don’t have the perfect “promposal”? Propose for prom!
  4. Depending on the weather, it would be a great time to lie out in the sun to soak up some rays.
  5. Get outside and get some exercise! Go for a run around Gypsy Hill Park.
  6. Need a place to go for the day? Go swim at a local lake such as Goshen, Sherando Lake, or Smith Mountain Lake.

Homeschoolers in Public School Activities

By: Alex Deaton

An argument for each side could be:

  1. Homeschoolers should not be allowed to participate in public school activities because if they went to public school then the state would have to provide more funding for the school which helps the school out. If you want the benefits of going to public school you should have to go to public schools and take the bad with the good.
  2. On the other hand it gives homeschoolers more opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Some of these opportunities can give them a better future. Even if they aren’t in public school they should be given the best chance for success.

Ultimately, it is up to each state to decide whether or not homeschoolers may be in public school activities. In virginia, “there is a bill in the 2015 Virginia General Assembly aimed at allowing homeschooled students the opportunity to participate in sports and other competitive interscholastic activities (such as debate) at their local public high schools.” This debate has been a hot topic in multiple states to decide if they should be allowed to or not.


Pros and Cons of Being a Working Student

By: Ashley Brogan

Undoubtedly, everyone gets older and as we get older life becomes less affordable. In high school, we all want to go out on Friday night, and usually fun costs money.The solution is to become employed! There are many benefits and some downfalls to having a job while you are in high school. Let’s talk money.

The first positive thing about having a job is having your own money. Having your own money means that you are now (nearly) independent, have gained a new appreciation of the value of your dollar, and gained a feeling of self satisfaction. With money comes responsibility and priorities start to really fall into place. You will have to start making decisions such as going out shopping or paying your car insurance. Clearly, car insurance is more important.

Another thing that is positive about having your own money is that you can buy what you want when you want it. Need a new pair of shoes? Go out and buy them after school! You don’t have to depend on your parents to get paid and somehow find time to take you out in their busy schedule.

Besides money, there are many things you can gain from a job during your high school career. You gain experience towards other jobs in the future. You also learn how to communicate with all kinds of people other than your peers. This becomes important because you talk to customers, coworkers, and management. When it comes to communication with your boss, the more experience you have, the better. Welcome to the professional world.

The cons of being a student and an employee are not having enough time to study and finding a balance between school, social life, extracurricular activities, and your job. If your job interferes with your school work, it is either time for you to quit or find a better job that will suit your schedule. Being involved in sports and other extracurricular activities may make it harder to keep a balance with school too. If you are busy as it is, focus on the most important things first! Having a job during high school is fun, but it does add some stress.

The History of Cinderella

By: Angela Bailey

With the newest Hollywood version of Cinderella now in theaters, the fairy tale has been a hot topic recently. With all of this talk about Cinderella, it seems that some people have forgotten the original story that was written in the Grimms’ book of fairy tales. The young girl, nicknamed Cinderella from sleeping in the ashes by the fireplace, was forced into a family after her father remarries. She is stuck with two awful step sisters that patronize her, along with her stepmother. In the ball that Cinderella attends in the Hollywood version of the story, Cinderella loses her slipper on the first night of the ball. In the Grimms story, Cinderella goes to the ball a span of three nights.

The first evening, the Prince sees her in the crowd and his gaze never leaves her. He tries to find her, but she is gone before he can catch her name. The next evening he misses her again, but on the third he coats the stairs with pitch so that she will purposefully lose her shoe. The Prince traces the shoe down to the house that Cinderella lives in with her stepmother and step sisters. The two sisters are the first to try on the shoe. Because the shoe does not fit either girl, the mother forces each one of them to either cut off their toes or heel in order for the slipper to go on. The Prince foolishly falls for this trick and takes one of the step sisters back to his castle to make her his bride. Before the Prince can make this mistake, the birds tell the Prince about the blood in the shoe. Cinderella finally gets the chance to try on the slipper, and of course it is a perfect fit. The stepsisters attend the wedding, but unfortunately for them, their eyes get plucked out by Cinderella’s birds that have been helping her this whole time. Of course, the Prince and Cinderella lived happily ever after.




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