Dance for Hunger

Friday February 27th at the Lee cafeteria students can come dance the night away while supporting a great cause. Robert E. Lee High School’s Key club is working in association with National Honors Society to host a school dance. Not only is this a fun and exciting event for the students but all proceeds will go towards Stop Hunger Now. Established in 1998 Stop Hunger Now is an organization that aims to stop hunger by sending meal packages, including vitamins and medical supplies, to countries in need. Even if you aren’t in the mood to attend a dance or if you aren’t a student but still want to help, we will take any donations given in order to help those who need it. Tickets are only $5! The dance is semi-formal and goes from 8 to 11. We hope to see many friendly faces. Don’t hesitate to give donations. Key club needs your help to Stop Hunger Now

By: Emma Sue Sims