Dear Seniors,

January is coming to a close and February is quickly approaching. Report cards have just come out and colleges are starting to send out letters of both rejection and acceptance. It seems as though the last year of high school is speeding by yet at the same time it’s dragging out. This feeling of anxiety, recollection of old memories, working two jobs to pay for a tuition you don’t even have to pay yet, and still keeping your grades up in high school is called senioritis. Some even get the negative side effect of not keeping their high school grades in tact. Many people claim to have gotten this bug starting freshmen year, but up until senior year, we all know these people are just trying to find a reasonable excuse for their laziness. So, the question is, how do we fight this disease? The answer is- we don’t. This answer is as simple as it can get. The only way to cure senioritis is by graduating and the only way to get there is by finishing off high school with your head high and your grades up with it. This answer may seem ridiculous. You may be thinking ‘hey what kind of answer is that?!’ but in reality all we can do is face our problems up front. Now is the time to start making decisions. Send in the FAFSA and start signing up for freshmen orientation. Correct your wrongs and pay your dues. Don’t head into a drowning college tuition debt by still owing your high school library a few dollars for a book. Tell your family you love them and keep in touch with friends. Get addresses and phone numbers and compliment those around you who may not get that type of attention everyday. Even if college isn’t your plan after you graduate it’s better to know that you might have people out there who are willing to help you while you are off discovering yourself either in a foreign country, at a military boot camp, a naval academy, or even just watching television in your parent’s basement. Senioritis can be a tough bug to beat, but in the end just know you are stronger than that. It takes more than a sore mind to take down a FIGHTING LEEMAN.

By: Emma Sue Sims