Balancing School and Activities

Track. Football. Tennis. Dance. Soccer. Guitar. Drama. Forensics. Oh my! It can all be so overwhelming, yet it is the after school activities that give high school that extra oomph to make some of the greatest memories of your life. So, with all these activities how are us students expected to keep our grades up and have a good time? Turns out, it isn’t that hard! The first step is time-management. I know you have heard this word over and over again, but really, it’s the biggest step to balancing our hobbies and our education. After school activities tend to be, well, after school. This means planning ahead. If you have free time during school, make sure you are using every second of that time to get homework done, study, and get organized so that you can spend your evenings relaxing after a long day. If you have activities in the evening make sure you get your work done right after school so you can get rested right away. Keep focused. Don’t let yourself get distracted. Sitting down and focusing on what’s in front of you is the best way to get work done. Time goes by quicker when you aren’t watching the clock. The fewer times you look away from that textbook or that essay the quicker it will get done.

By: Emma Sue Sims