What’s Going On?

Where have we been? It has been a little while since we have released an issue of The Traveller, so hey, what’s going on? A new semester has begun for Lee High students and that means new writers! New students have joined photojournalism, and ready or not, we have been working to improve The Traveller by getting them to work on top notch articles ASAP. The next isue of The Traveller will be released by Tuesday February 3rd. Wait a minute, that’s a Tuesday! Boy, do we know it! Getting news to you quicker and more efficiently at theroberteleetraveller.wordpress.com we want to mix it up a bit leaving you beggin for more. Also, we are going to need your feedback! Not enough issues? Not covering a certain topic? Not seeing any articles by your favorite Lee High journalist? Let us know by commenting or e-mailing us at leenewstraveller@gmail.com. Thank you for your cooperation as we have gone under some more construction. Check back to the LHS Blog every weekday for news tips and info from the editor of The Traveller!

By: Emma Sue Sims