Second Semester Starters

No matter how poorly you may have ended your first semester classes, now is the time for a new beginning. Don’t let what mistakes were made the first time around bring you down. The best thing to do now is to look at what you did right and what you did wrong and learn from it. Here is the thing, we all start with 100%. As long as you stay on top of your game from the very beginning you will stay at that 100%. The first test you take in a class may be one of the most important tests because if you can ace that one you will be better prepared for many more to come. The first test is when your new teachers bring out all the tricks. How will they word questions? What is the difficulty of each question as your progress through the test? Make sure that your try your best on the first test because you will learn more about the class from those questions than you may from a class description. Lastly, don’t let the first week, or month even, bring you down. It can take some time to get used to the new routine and the new material so just hang in there for a while. Even if you have a 50 in a class by the next month, keep trying your hardest because things can only go up from there.

By: Emma Sue Sims